MSWG stands for Melchizadek Special Warfare Group.

Early History Edit

The Melchizadek weren't originally called what they are today. They originated from a tradition started by tibetan monks, who would look at a newborn child's star chart to see what their talents were. The Melchizadek were formed as early as 1930, and was a coalition of mercenaries who worked for pay, they viewed a person's star chart and if they were good in warfare, they were inscripted into the Melchizadek.

All members of the MSWG were stripped of their surname and given a call number. All Androids in the MSWG that were apart of Titan Projects, already possessing call numbers would keep their call number and not assigned a new one, as a simple call number consists of three digits between 001 and 999.

A New Age Edit

In the year 2048 The Melchizadek became the MSWG, or Melchizadek Special Warfare Group, and worked as mercenaries in the following Unification Wars. After the UEM were formed, they worked closely with their Ambassadors, unknown to much of anyone lower in rank than Sergeant.

The Zodiac War Edit

The MSWG are responsible for many of the victories in this war, and are responsible for saving Planet Earth, and ending the war once and for all. They are a highly respected military faction of humanity, and are so termed, The Guardian Angels of Mankind.

Motto Edit

Their motto is below: Our struggle shall unite us. Our courage will defeat them. Our wisdom is ourselves. Our consciousness our own, we humans are participants in a ritual older than our collective memory, a generation of generators a power source and supply, our blood ocean, our skin oil, they cannot restrain us, their prisons cannot contain us, their customs will not un name us, they will not break us, divided we may indeed fall, but together, we are unstoppable.

Ranks Edit

Although they are tied in with their own ranks, all officers under the jurisdiction of the UEM must go by UEM assigned ranks equal to that of the rank associated with their parent faction. Such as Sergeant, or Corporal.

Below is a list of ranks and the known people associated with them.

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