Mack Vs Ultimo is a new game that'll be a crossover of Mack Productions and Ultimo Gaming.


Mack Productions

Character Origin
Brian Smith Brian Smith
Ignatus Planet Blood
Red Zorgathon
Blue Zorgathon
Black Zorgathon
Purple Zorgathon
Yellow Zorgathon
Yin Lee Yin Lee
Master Yin Lee
Fos Fos
Fire Fire
Water Fire
Richard the Robot Midnight Fighter
Baxter Clash Midnight Fighter
Jeffry Green Midnight Fighter

Ultimo Gaming

Character Origin
Ultimo X Ultimo X
Christina Ultimo X
Red Ultimo X
Raba Ultimo X
Owlman Ultimo X
Grey Man Grey Man
Stick Man Grey Man
Hayabusa Ninja Chronicles
Sgt. Cammando Warzone
No Mercy No Mercy
Tony Briggs Anatomy
Vixen Anatomy
Haley Fox Anatomy
Louis Banks Dead World
Wolfman The Wolfman


(Has not been decided yet.)

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