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July 29, 2011

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Featuring: Nick, Jerrick, Kurt Twombly, Donato Tagliano, Grazia Tagliano, Ralph Romano, Alphonse Liviana

Also Featuring: Matt Baker, Kat Baker, Jacob Baker, Kyle Robinson, Shaun Miller (Mentioned only), Chief Howard


Main Plot: The episode begins with Jerrick and Nick asleep in their apartment. Jerrick is sleeping on the couch as always and Nick is asleep in the bedroom. Suddenly Ralph Romano and Alphonse Livana hops in the window with Ralph holding a pistol. Ralph then pokes Jerrick in the head with the barrel of his pistol which awakens him. Jerrick sees Ralph and Alphonse and is about to scream when Ralph threatens to pull the trigger. A week before Jerrick had borrowed a large amount of money from the Rose Beach Mafia to buy marijuana from Shaun Miller. Ralph and Alphonse then tell Jerrick that he has till eleven 'o' clock the next day to come up with the money or else he will be killed. Ralph, who suffers from a eternal cold, then begins to sneeze. Ralph's constant sneezing awakens Nick who runs in with a baseball bat. Ralph and Alphonse then leap out of the apartment window and vanishes into the night. Jerrick then tells Nick about the whole situation and Nick vows to help Jerrick make money. The next day the two try a whole bunch of schemes to make money which attracts the attention of Kurt Twombly who offers to help them (for his own financial gain).

The three open up a car wash (no success), then they try to sell lemonade (no success), and they even run drugs for Shaun Miller and are almost caught by Chief Howard. Finally Kurt abandons both Nick and Jerrick and it is time for them to face The Rose Beach Mafia. Nick and Jerrick then discover that they are in a bad neighborhood (the only one in Rose Beach). Nick and Jerrick wander through the bad neighborhood lost and are surrounded by a group of unaffiliated thugs. The thugs then beat up Nick and Jerrick and rob them. Shortly after the thugs are then beaten up by Grazia Tagliano who is the daughter of the Rose Beach Mafia's don: Donato Tagliano. Jerrick is attracted to Grazia who then tells them on a way to get big money. Nick and Jerrick are advised by Grazia to rob a nearby ATM which they do successfully. The two then realize that Kurt was holding them back. The duo journey to the Rose Beach Mafia hideout where Jerrick pays the money he owes to the mafia members.

Shortly after Nick and Jerrick leave the hideout of the Rose Beach Mafia, Chief Howard busts in the door. The Rose Beach Mafia members are all then arrested. Donato then realizes that the money Jerrick had given him was laced and that Chief Howard had tracked the money to their location. Chief Howard merely used Nick and Jerrick to get to the mafia members. The main plot of the episode ends with Chief Howard loading the four Rose Beach Mafia members into a police wagon and driving off.

Sub Plot: Matt Baker and Kat Baker are tired of Matt's father, Jacob Baker, sitting in the house all day, not paying them any attention, and being very lazy. Matt and Kat then decide to force Jacob to get a girlfriend. Convincing Jacob to get out of his chair is not easy though. Matt then buys a gun from Kyle Robinson and points it at his father, threatening to shoot him if he doesn't get out of the chair. Jacob complies and the group of three walks out of the apartment with Matt still pointing the gun at his dad. A montage then follows with Matt and Kat helping Jacob to try and get a girlfriend. All attempts fail and Jacob is later seen laying on the sidewalk crying and eating a bag of potato chips. Matt pokes his father in the stomach with a gun and threatens to shoot him. Chief Howard sees Matt with the gun and asks if he has a license for the weapon. Matt then shoots Chief Howard and appears to kill him. Later on Matt and Kat can be seen sitting their apartment when there is suddenly a knock on the door. Matt answers the door to see Chief Howard who is still alive. It turns out the chief of police had on a bullet proof vest which protected him from the bullet. The episode ends with Jacob Baker being seen still laying on the sidewalk, crying, into the night hours.


  • Matt: "Dad your nothing but a lazy bum, get off this couch and get a life or else!"
  • Chief Howard (revealing that he was wearing a bullet proof vest): "Back from the dead *******!"


  • The episode's title is an alteration of the word "mafioso."

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