Mahjong is a 2011 Slasher Horror Film written and directed by Steven Soderberg and starring Alyson Michalka, Adam G. Sevani, Brianne Davis, Alexis Jordan, Nicholas D' Agosto, Kieran Culkin, Matthew Lawrence and Gemma Arterton.

It features a cameo appearence by Amanda Peet.

It is part of the Original Slasher Guild Films which include Steve Miner's Cave, Steven Spielberg's Heart, Tim Burton's Color and Lasse Hallstrom's Farm.


A group of teens play a game of Mahjong in an abandoned hotel in the abandoned Penthouse floor across the street from a larger hotel occupied by plenty of people having a party.

A Mind game loving killer who loves to follow the rules of board games then begins dispatching the Mahjong player teens in bizarre means.


  • Alyson Michalka as Kelly-Ann
  • Adam G. Sevani as Toberman
  • Brianne Davis as Sarah Jessica
  • Alexis Jordan as Voice McCarthy
  • Nicholas D'Agosto as Blake Heaving
  • Kieran Culkin as Morton Movas
  • Matthew Lawrence as Timothy
  • Gemma Arterton as Allison
  • Amanda Peet as Ignorant Witness

Original Slasher's Guild

As of May 14th, 2010 Steven Spielberg approached a handful of associate film directors and proposed to create a theater distribution similiar to Grindhouse or Reinhart.

He proposed that the theater possess an original name and release high budget, ensemble cast slasher films that are not remakes of any original slasher and are original in their own right.

Director Steve Miner signed on immediatley to the at first untitled company and then was followed by directors: Tim Burton, Steven Soderberg and finally Lasse Hallstrom.

Each of the directors would form a cast and crew and create their own prestigous original slasher film and release it for the theater they would create.

The theater titled as of March 31st, 2010 as the Original Slasher's Guild had revealed teaser trailers for the films that would be made and would be released back to back.

The first film completed was Steve Miner's slasher film the Cave which was then followed by Hallstrom's slasher Farm.

They were released on January 30th at the Original Slashers Guild.

Death Sequences

  1. Timothy- Throat Slashed with Serrated Knife in Floor Three Povo Kitchen
  2. Morton Movas- Back of Head impaled with axe and crushed once the Dummy Waiter he is pulled into's cord is severed
  3. Blake Heaving- Arm amputated with machete, bleeds to death from that point
  4. Allison- Following long chase killed with Machete slice across chest and fall from fourth story window
  5. Voice McCarthy- Decapitated with Axe
  6. Toberman- Snapped in hald through process of being pulled into floorboards
  7. Sarah Jessica- Following Chase killed with Axe to face

Implement Cards

Whilest the victim characters are playing the game of Mahjong they find it to follow a different set of card winning rules.

The rules say should the loser retrieving decks fail they be killed in a way which is ultimatley how the teens playing the game are killed by the rule following serial killer

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