• Newscaster: 6 pepole was arrested for stolen a car, name are Nick Lagory, Jerrick Washington, Matt Baker, Kat Baker, Kurt Twombly and Karima KaJudah was arrested.
  • Nick: Nice one Jerrick we take to city jail.
  • Jerrick: Is not my fault.
  • Kat: Jerrick,s right, Is our fault. We be wake when Jerrick stolen a car.
  • Karima: Jerrick was get drivers license.
  • Kurt: Why Jerrick stolen my car with not asking.
  • Matt: Easy Kurt.
  • Jerrick: I sorry Kurt.
  • Kurt: You little bitch.
  • Nick: That enough.
  • Karima: I wish somebody bail us out.
  • Kat: Karima,s right, Let wait.
  • Nick: How long.

(Jerrick, Matt, Kat, Karima and Kurt give Nick evil look)

  • Nick: Sorry.

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