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Hello, and welcome to the Fanon Wiki.

This is a wiki about fan created characters, timelines, and anything else about existing storylines, you can create fanon relating to anything. You can create an article by typing the title in the box below and clicking "create article" and start typing in there, but before you do so, please read about our policies.

Where To Start

  • Categorize any uncategorized pages. If a category that the article/page should be in doesn't exist, create the category.
  • Use the Special:Random feature to find random articles to improve.
  • If you are new to wikis, you may want to try the tutorial on the Central Wikia
  • A list of all help pages can be found at Category:Help

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Twisted Souls Twisted Souls is the story of, Logan Black Eren James Dama and Bog on their quest to collect all of teh Gods Artifacts to unlock the greatest Treasure of them all. Read More...

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    LAPD: Gang Unit

    May 21, 2015 by Nashwalker

    Here's the concept of a new series: LAPD: Gang Unit.

    A team of local, state, and federal law enforcement officers team up to stop the gang activity drug trafficking game in Los Angeles, California.


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  • ToyGoldenFreddy2

    Well, This Seems To Be Happening Alot, But Everytime I Try To Make A Page On This Wiki It Gets Stuck On Loading. I Don't Know If It's A Glitch Or Not But It's Really Frustrating. Can Someone Please H…

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  • J23odi

    So i decided to restart the very first article i ever posted on the this page, AMERICAN PSYCHO!!!!! (don't think anyone knows what that is though) anyway hopefully alot of can read it and pay attention…

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