Making Money with Jay-Z is the first season of the MTV reality TV series Making Money with Jay-Z. This season featured 16 wanabe entrepreneurs willing to undergo gruelling challenge and re-education to make it in the buisness world. The winner will become the CEO of their own company, and also recieve $200,000. The show is hosted by the series' producer rap mogul Jay-Z, with assistance by Russell Simmons. The series returned for a second season, and the third is currently under production.

Reason for EliminationEdit

Name Reason for Elimination Eliminated
Kenny Kenny failed as team captain and lacked charisma and leadership. Episode 1
Tireesha Tireesha was eliminated for harassing Jay-Z about his private life and constantly asking for Beyonce's autograph. Episode 2
Kevin Kevin failed as team captain and made excuses. Episode 2
Jay-Money Jay-Money seemed more interested in starting fights than winning the competition. Episode 3
Gabrielle Gabrielle did not "face her fear" in the challenge whereas Shawty did, and Jay-Z doubted her commitment. Episode 4
Jet Automatically eliminated for breaking Tyson's nose. Episode 5
Grace Acted drunk at the secret challenge and went on a downward spiral from then on. Episode 6
Hannah Failed to shine and fell short of the challenge Episode 7
Shawty More interested in music than winning, but Jay-Z gave him a deal with Atlantic Records as he held him in high regard Episode 8
Candice Showed little effort in the challenge and lied on several occasions. Episode 9
Frankie Failed in both challenges and recieved the majority vote from his fellow contestants. Jay-Z felt also that he had made little progress. Episode 10
Lisa Despite being one of the strongest competitors, Jay-Z chose Tiffany over her as the stronger female choice. Episode 11
Tyson Jay-Z felt that Tyson missed his fiance and daughter and that he had gained the skills to make it on his own. Episode 11
Tiffany Jay-Z felt a male CEO was in his interests, and felt that Tiffany had fallen short of her fellow contestants. Episode 12
Giovanni Made considerable progress from mister gangster to commited buisnessman, but Jay-Z felt Jonathan was more deserving for the CEO and the money than Giovanni. Episode 13


I Want Money Edit

The 16 competitors enter the Crib mansion and are given their first challenge, design the logo for the business that will be one of theirs. The prize, a helicopter flight with Jay-Z. Immediately after arriving at the house, alliances begin to form. Giovanni confronts Jonathan and says "they are the real competitors" in the game, and they both dislike Frankie. Tiffany, Tyson, and Shawty join the alliance to, and Jet sides with Frankie, Kenny, and Kevin. Meanwhile Tireesha, Candice, Gabrielle, Hannah, and Grace stay solo. After unpacking the competitors arrive at their destination and Jay-Z assigns teams; Team 1: Jonathan, Grace, Hannah, Giovanni, Team 2: Kenny, Kevin, Jet, Tireesha, Team 3: Tyson, Tiffany, Gabrielle, Shawty, and Team 4: Jay-Money, Frankie, Lisa. They are each assigned a graphic designer to help them with their logo. After an hour to work, Jay-Z returns and judges each team's logo. After deliberating, he proclaims Team 1 as the winners and congratulates them on their reward. Team 1 then leaves, and Jay-Z says that everyone from Team 2, 3, and 4 are up for elimination. The other teams return to the house, and Team 1 prepare for their reward. While they are gone, Frankie and Jet plan to get Giovanni eliminated by provoking him. During the helicopter flight Jay-Z asks each person from Team 1 why they are here and what they plan to do with the company one of them has a 1 in 16 chance of winning. After the flight Team 1 returns to the house for eliminations. Jay-Z arrives with special guest judge Russell Simmons to decide who goes home. After Team 2, 3, and 4 are called out, Jay-Z announces that 3 and 4 are safe, and they return to their places. Jay-Z calls up Team 2 and talks to their captain, Jet. He explains that Kenny made the least effort and contribution, and knows that he should accept failure as the team captain. Instead, Jay-Z eliminates Kenny and takes his badge.

Winner: Giovanni, Grace, Hannah, Jonathan

Bottom Four: Kenny, Kevin, Tireesha, Jet

Eliminated: Kenny

Get Off Your A$$! Edit

The remaining 15 competitors continue on in the competition and are tasked to recruit a manager for the business. After Kenny's elimination last night, the remaining contesants awake to their next challenge. This time they are allowed to choose one person for their, but the others are chosen by Jay-Z as usual. During decisions complications arise with Jonathan and Giovanni as he already has Hannah and Lisa on his team, but Giovanni honourably steps down and Jonathan chooses Shawty, while Giovanni joins Tyson's team. The initial teams are; Team 1: Jonathan, Hannah, Shawty, Lisa, Team 2: Tireesha, Kevin, Jet, Jay-Money, Team 3: Tyson, Giovanni, Gabrielle, Candice, and Team 4: Frankie, Tiffany, Grace. The teams then arrive at their destination, and are given 60 minutes to recruit a manager. If they fail to in 60 minutes then the team will be disquailified, and immediately up for eliminations. Everything goes smoothly for Teams 1, 3, and 4 but Kevin, Team 2's captain, has trouble getting everyone together and finding a manager. In the end all four teams get recruit a candidate and return to the Agency and present their choices in front of Jay-Z and Russell Simmons. They then have two hours to create a sturdy plan for their manager and the winning team will be safe from elimination, and their manager recruited by Jay-Z. Team 2 tragically crash and burn, and Jay-Z says he is "embarassed and ashamed" by their lousy presentation, and makes them apoligize to him and Russell. He says that "hell will break loose for Team 2" and reveals that they have not won the challenge. Team 3 comes close but loose due to their manager's lack of knowledge, and Team 1 are announced the winners. Their manager, Rick, is announced the winning manager, and Team 1 are safe from elimination. Later at eliminations Jay-Z saves Team 3 and 4 as he said they "did enough to stay" and once again Team 2 is called down. As captain Kevin is accountable for their loss, but he blaims Jet and Jay-Money for "sabotage". Jay-Z silences him and says "he has had enough of his sh**" and eliminates Kevin. Then he calls up Jet and Tireesha, and has them "beg for mercy". After hearing Jet's case, he choses him again, and Tireesha is eliminated for harassing Jay-Z about "his private live involving Beyonce". Kevin and Tireesha's badges are taken, and the others are dismissed.

Winner: Jonathan, Hannah, Shawty, Lisa

Bottom Four: Tireesha, Kevin, Jet, Jay-Money

Eliminated: Tireesha, Kevin

Stir Things Up'Edit

The 13 competitors meet Jay-Z’ assistant, and are set their third challenge. After last night's double elimination, Jay-Money talks to Shawty and says he thinks he will be next to leave if he doesn't step up his game. The competitors meet Jay-Z's assistant and he tells them to dress for athletics, and they arrive at their next destination. They must compete in the Money-athlon, where four teams will toss bags of money to each other and onto the victory point. The first team to sucessfully place all six bags on the victory point win, and the losers will be up for elimination. Jay-Z says this challenge is more about athleticism, and that Jay-Z and Russell will "interogate" eac losing competitor to determine who should go home. One by one the competitors must step forward and while blindfolded pick out a random piece of paper. If the paper reads "captain" than that person is captain, and if it reads "thrall" than that person is not captain. There are only three captain places. One by one the competitors step forward and Giovanni, Jet, and Frankie get the captain. The captains then choose teams; Team 1: Giovanni, Shawty, Candice, Lisa, Team 2: Frankie, Jay-Money, Tyson, and Team 3: Jet, Gabrielle, Grace. The teams then compete in the Money-athlon, and Team 1 emerges victorious. Back at the house, Jay-Money confronts Giovanni and violence ensues. Jay-Z pays a suprise to the house and is disgusted by Jay-Money's behaviour. He proceeds to take his badge and eliminate him, saying "how the hell someone like you got on this show". No eliminations are followed, and Jay-Z says everyone is safe.

Winner: Giovanni, Shawty, Candice, Lisa

Bottom Four: None. Jay-Money was eliminated beforehand

Eliminated: Jay-Money

Work Hard or Go HomeEdit

The remaining 12 competitors feel the strain when they are given their hardest team challenge yet, facing their fears. They arrive at their destination and Jay-Z tells them that by facing their fears is part of making it big. As usual there are teams, but this time there's three of six people each. One by one the competitors must face their fear based on what they stated in their resume. The team with the most sucesses wins the challenge. The guys have little problems with the challenge, but the girls freak out and Hannah and Gabrielle fail to complete the challenge. In the end Jonathan, Tyson, Tiffany, Giovanni, Candice, and Grace emerge the winners, and the other six are in deep water. At eliminations Jay-Z calls the four he thought preformed the worst; Shawty, Gabrielle, Hannah and Jet. He comments on Jet's third time in the Bottom Four, and that he "should just send him home now". He then saves Shawty, saying it was his first failure and hopefully his last. After the others plead their case Jay-Z saves Hannah, and Jet and Gabrielle are the two weakest. After Jet pleads his case even more and states that "at least he completed the challenge whereas she didn't", Jay-Z once again chooses him over Gabrielle and takes her badge, eliminating her.

Winner: Jonathan, Tyson, Tiffany, Giovanni, Candice, Grace

Bottom Four: Shawty, Gabrielle, Hannah, Jet

Eliminated: Gabrielle

Lil' BuisnessEdit

The 11 contestants are set their next challenge; prove themselves worthy of Jay-Z’s money by arranging a night at the site of the business’ building for Lil’Wayne. The next day the 11 competitors are paid a visit by Jay-Z and Russell, who tell them that by "knowing how it is done" they will take one step further into being CEO. The judges then introduce the special guest; rapper Lil' Wayne who is also a judge in the next challenge. Shawty is estatic to see Lil' Wayne, and Jay-Z begins to worry it might distract him. Two teams; one of six and the other of five, are then assigned by Jay-Z. The teams are; Team 1: Jonathan, Giovanni, Shawty, Lisa, Tyson, Tiffany, and Team 2: Jet, Hannah, Grace, Frankie, Candice. Their task is then assigned to them; arrange a night for Lil' Wayne to help market his Rebirth album. The teams will have three hours, and Russell will oversee the challenge. Although it is one night, both teams have different tasks to handle. At the challenge all goes well, until Jet explodes at Tyson and breaks his nose. Tyson has to be taken to hospital, and eliminations are instantly called. Jay-Z tells Jet to remember what happened to Jay-Money, and warns him he was a 98.9% chance of going home. But before the elimination he announces the winners; Team 1, and then calls down the losers, of which Jet is part of. He saves Frankie, Candice, and Grace, and then comments on that Jet has lost his chance, eliminating him. Jet hands over his badge remorsefully, and apologizes to Jay-Z for his failure. Angry, Jay-Z tells him to "get the f*** out of there".

Winner: Jonathan, Giovanni, Shawty, Lisa, Tyson, Tiffany

Bottom Four: Jet, Hannah, Grace, Frankie, Candice

Eliminated: Jet

Party Time'Edit

As the final 10, the remaining competitors are invited to a party hosted by Jay-Z. But there’s a twist, the party is a secret challenge and the winner will be chosen out of performance and social skills. The next morning the 10 competitors awake to a note from Jay-Z, which tells them to prepare for a big day. Giovanni then comments that he is glad Jet is gone, so he does'nt have to be on his team. A few hours later Russell arrives and takes the contestants to a skyrise building were a party is set to be. When everyone thinks it is a challenge, Russell breaks the ice and tells them its a reward for their hardwork, and that Jay-Z wants them to get to know the important people who are at the party. Some do exceptionally well, as Giovanni, Tyson, and Jonathan keep charming and enjoy the food and drink. But Grace enjoys the drinks to much, and the judges notice that she is drunk. Despite this Jay-Z then reveals himself at the end of the day and asks the 10 contestants to come to the judging room. They are then told that the party was a secret challenge to test their people skills, and Grace is shocked after her drunken behaviour. Jay-Z then announces that Giovanni, Tyson, Candice, and Jonathan showed good charisma and asks them to step back to their places. He then calls out Grace, Tiffany, Shawty, and Frankie. He then talks to each of them, and saves Shawty and Tiffany. He then has the other two plead their case and then makes his decision. Grace is eliminated for her drunken behaviour and Jay-Z takes her badge. She leaves the room, shouting "peace" as she leaves. Candice replies "whatever b****" and Jay-Z tells the others to return to the mansion.

Winner: Jonathan

Bottom Four: Shawty, Hannah, Frankie, Grace

Eliminated: Grace

Ninety Nine Problems And A B**** Is OneEdit

The final 9 contestants must work in groups of two and find a new artist for Atlantic Records. But during the challenge Jay-Z gets concerned if Shawty is here to rap or manage a business. Following Grace's controversial exit to the show, the remaining nine competitors are greeted by Russell for their next challenge; recruit, manage and preform a band or artist in teams of two. Giovanni emerges as a leader of Team 1: Jonathan, Tyson, Tiffany, Lisa, and himself, while Frankie takes control of Team 2: Hannah, Candice, and Shawty. The teams get an hour to scout three local clubs for musical promise and in the end Team 1 finds a young female singer called Laya while Shawty manages to get Team 2 the rap group 3-66. The teams and their artist return to the mansion where they have three hours to plan the performance. At judging Jay-Z and the others are impressed by both performances, but criticise Team 1 for their lack of creativity and Team 2 for going with Shawty's choice instead of reaching a consensus. Team 1 and Laya win the challenge, and Team 2 are announced as the bottom four. At eliminations Jay-Z calls down Team 2 and reviews all their performances. He saves Frankie and Candice, and tells Shawty that he's worried he's more interested in music than being a buisnessman.However, he excuses "his slipup" and eliminates Hannah instead, saying that she fell short at the challenge and did'nt really shine.

Winner: Giovanni, Jonathan, Tyson, Tiffany, Lisa

Bottom Four: Hannah, Shawty, Candice, Frankie

Eliminated: Hannah

Shawty Get's LooseEdit

The remaining 8 competitors stand divided after the latest elimination. Meanwhile they must make $60,000 selling records at a local mall using their “people skills”. The remaining contestants wake up to find a note left by Jay-Z. Russell then arrives and takes them to a local mall where they individually must raise $60,000 selling records on site. Jonathan and Tyson stand out, but Russell who is supervising questions Frankie's marketing strategy of stripping for female passerbyers. After an hour the challenge is over and Russell reveals the top four; Jonathan wins with raising $59,000, Tyson comes second with $57,000, Tiffany with $54,000 and Lisa with $53,450. At eliminations Jay-Z calls down Shawty, Frankie, Giovanni, and Candice, He is both shocked and dissapointed that Giovanni is in the bottom four, but sends him back after second thoughts. He then scolds Frankie for his stupid marketing gimmick, and says once again that Shawty is showing more interest in music. Meanwhile he questions Candice's future if she doesn't make herself stand out. However he saves her and must choose between Frankie and Shawty. After making a very hard decision he eliminates Shawty and takes his badge, before writing him a recording contract with Atlantic for his troubles. Shawty leaves unscathed and somewhat happy, and his friends in the house are shocked.

Winner: Jonathan

Bottom Four: Shawty, Frankie, Giovanni, Candice

Eliminated: Shawty

Filthy Rich LiarsEdit

The 7 contestants are given their next challenge; and its one of their most gruelling. They must compete individually in a challenge to work their image. After revamping themselves the contestants must run an obstacle course in their outifts in the fastest time. Candice finishes first, Giovanni second and Tyson third, making them all safe. After the challenge the contestants return to the mansion. At eliminations Jay-Z calls down Frankie, Lisa, Candice, and Tiffany. He saves Lisa and Tiffany and takes pity in them because of the challenge's physical demands. He scolds Frankie and Candice for their lack of effort and it seems he is going to eliminate Frankie. He instead saves him again and eliminates Candice and takes her badge.

Winner: Jonathan, Giovanni, Tyson

Bottom Four: Frankie, Lisa, Candice, Tiffany

Eliminated: Candice

Step It Up For Mr. ZEdit

The final six are announced and they break into groups of three, and Giovanni is not impressed by being in the same group as Frankie. The challenge, create a “fly” suit for Jay-Z at his next big meeting. The winners will receive will receive an extra $50,000 for the surprise elimination challenge to make a billboard advertising Jay-Z’ producing studio. The final six wake up to a new day and are greeted by Russell and a very sepcial guest that will prove vital in their next challenge, Pharell Williams of N.E.R.D. Russell tells them that the challenge is the design a new outift for Jay-Z, and the teams of three are decided. Team 1: Jonathan, Tiffany and Lisa and Team 2: Giovanni, Frankie, Tyson. They recieve help from Project Runway Season Four and Five winners Christian Siriano and Leanne Marshall to design the individual outfits. After getting two hours to complete their designs the teams are judged by Jay-Z, Pharell, and Russell. While the judges compliment Siriano and Marshall for their designs, they scold the teams for their "lack of professionalsim". Team 1 wins the challenge but its not over yet. The same teams must make a billboard advertising Atlantic. Team 1, as the winners of the first challenge recieve a bonus $50,000 dollars while Team 2 have to work with a meagre $35,000. After the challenge Team 1 once again takes the win and Team 2 are called down for elimination. Jay-Z says that everyone needs to cast a vote on who they think should go home, and one by one they vote in the Isolation Room. Overall Giovanni recieves 1 vote, and Frankie recieves 5, meaning he is immediately eliminated and his badge his taken. He leaves feeling dissapointed and betrayed by his fellow contestants, but Giovanni is overjoyed.

Winner: Jonathan, Tiffany, Lisa

Bottom Three: Giovanni, Frankie, Tyson

Eliminated: Frankie

Five Star Performance'Edit

The remaining five competitors fly to LA with Jay-Z to speak in front an audience on why they should be CEO, and what they would make the business into. And with two going home, the stress is on. The remaing five competitors are greeted by Russell in the morning, and told that they are flying to LA for a special challenge. After arriving they are greeted by Jay-Z and a special guest judge, Mr. Sean Coombes. Their challenge is to speak in front of an audience and pitch their buisness plan to the judges. One winner will emerge, and the others will all be up for elimination. Giovanni speaks last but wins the challenge after recieving praise from both Jay-Z and Sean Coombes. At eliminations Giovanni stands alone and Jay-Z says there is only room for four including him on the flight back to the mansion for the finale. He calls down the bottom four. He saves Jonathan who he thinks has good poential, and proceeds to eliminate Tyson with some tears from everyone. Then its down to the two girls; Lisa and Tiffany. He praises and criticizes, but feels that Tiffany is the strongest of the two and eliminates Lisa.

Winner: Giovanni

Bottom Four: Tyson, Jonathan, Tiffany, Lisa

Eliminated: Lisa, Tyson


The final three must arrange a night to post their idea for the company to a prestigious audience. Meanwhile Giovanni and Jonathan’s friendship withers away as the true competitors emerge.

Winner: Giovanni

Bottom Two: Tiffany, Jonathan

Eliminated: Tiffany

Two Guys, Two Hundred GrandEdit

Giovanni and Jonathan battle to become the CEO in their final challenge, plan the entire business that one of them will own. Following Tiffany's elimination, Jonathan and Giovanni awake and prospect how far they have come. Jay-Z arrives at the house early with Russell Simmons, and they announce a third judge will be joining them. Sean Combs then enters, and congratulates the two competitors on making it this far. Jay-Z then tells Jonathan and Giovanni their final challenge; plan the entire business that one of them will own. The other 14 eliminated contestants return to assist the two with the challenge, and Giovanni is angered by the return of Frankie and Jet. There are no winners of the challenge, and although Jonathan presented better they still both have a chance. After the challenge Jay-Z calls the 16 competitors along with the 2 finalists into the room with the panel including himself, Russell Simmons and Sean Combs. The judges ask the 14 losers one by one to cast their vote in the Isolation Room to help them with their decision. He then dismisses the 14 losers, and they wish both finalists the best of luck. Jay-Z then steps forward with check in hand and presents it to Jonathan. He thanks Giovanni for making it this far, and says he would have been his second choice. Giovanni then says goodbye to Jonathan, staying true to their friendship, and leaves. The judges congratulate Jonathan and Jay-Z names him CEO. Since winning Jonathan has establish a branch of Atlantic Studios, J. Curtis Producers situated in New York.

Winner: Jonathan

Eliminated: Giovanni

Reunion Show (Making Money: Too Much Money To Handle)Edit

Russell Simmons hosts the reunion show when the 16 contestants return for one last time. Old rivalries flair and Giovanni nearly explodes on Frankie in the early moments of the reunion show. Russell first calls down Kenny and Kevin, dubbed by the other contestants as "The Nerds". He asks them both how their smarts did'nt get them further, and they say that you have to be charismatic as well. Next Russell calls down Jet, who is wearing a shirt that says "I broke a guy's nose". Russell asks if he's happy with what he did, and Jet says that he's happy he broke Tyson's nose but not happy that he left. Russell then asks Tyson to join them and he keeps his composure while Jet deliberately annoys him. Russell sends them both back to avoid violence and calls down Shawty, who comes down with a huge applause. Russell's first question is how Shawty's album is going and he says its in production. Russell then calls down Giovanni and asks him if he's satisfied. Giovanni says that he is, and is happy that someone good won the money. Finally Russell calls down Jonathan and congratulates him on winning. As the cast stand in the middle of the stage and Jonathan celebrates his victory, Russell says to "keep out for a second season of Making Money, coming at you next summer!".

After the showEdit

  • Giovanni was signed on to a New York company after competing on the show.
  • John Carter, aka Shawty, has recorded a LP with Atlantic Records

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