Making Money with Jay-Z (Season 2) is the second season of the MTV reality television series Making Money with Jay-Z. This season is hosted once again by rap mogul Jay-Z, with judge Russell Simmons and a few appearances of Sean Combs as a guest judge, also with guest judges Rick Ross and Birdman. The season started with 20 contestants instead of 16, but by the first episode four were eliminated.


No Place For Gangsters

20 new aspiring CEOs arrive at the mansion and immediately Jay-Z begins to have some concerns with the new batch. One by one he interviews them, and begins to see who is there for the right reasons. At elimination he says that those who do not get a badge are in the firing line. Everyone besides Rocky D, 1-Eighty, Duke, Jacob and Rick recieve badges and Jay-Z eliminates Rocky D on the spot, citing that he showed no interest whatsoever. He eliminates Duke and 1-Eighty on similar grounds, and then eliminates Rick for coming across as fake and sleezy. Jacob accepts his badge, but recieves a warning from Jay-Z

  • Bottom 5: Rocky D, 1-Eighty, Duke, Jacob, Rick.
  • Eliminated:
  • Rocky D (David): Jay-Z was convinced Rocky D was in to hustle his money and was more of a gangster than an entrepreneur.
  • 1-Eighty (Marcus): Like Rocky D, Jay-Z had a feeling that 1-Eighty was in for a hustle and was a gangster too.
  • Duke : Also too gangster and unproffesional, Jay-Z said he also was probably in for a hustle to.
  • Rick: Jay-Z felt he was fake and sleezy, and said that was no man he'd trust his $200,000 with.

Look Who's Talkin!

Still shellshocked by his narrowly dodged elimination, Jacob tells Troy and Larry that he is going to step up his game 100%. Meanwhile the surviving gangster Dee contemplates also on how close he was to leaving. Russell Simmons arrives for the first challenge and the contestants are pumped, except for Alexandra who doesnt even know who he is. At the challenge the contestants break into four teams of four and learn how to speak properly in public, before they do it themselves while trying to sell merchandise. After an hour Team 1: Troy, Joey, Kayne, Christina emerge victorious and are safe from eliminated. Back at the house Dee confronts Joey saying that he is fake and pathetic. Joey lashes out and says that Dee is on the wrong show, that he should be on From G's To Gents and not Making Money with Jay-Z. After a heated argument Troy intervenes and seperates the two before it gets uglier. At eliminations Jay-Z praises Troy for his actions, but scolds Dee and Joey for their immaturity. He calls down Alexandra, Joey, Dee, Don and Jacob. He saves Don, saying that he was beneficial to Team 2 despite their loss. After giving Joey and Dee a serious lecture he says they are both on warning and sends them back. He then moves onto Jacob, and says that despite his efforts to up his game he still didnt succeed very well. He then says that Alexandra has "blonde momments" a lot and doubts her skill in the buisness industry. After Jacob pleads a good case Jay-Z eliminates Alexandra instead, saying she had far too many blonde momments to stay in the house any longer. He thanks her and takes her badge, warning everyone that the standards have risen.

  • Bottom 5: Alexandra, Joey, Dee, Don, Jacob.
  • Eliminated: Alexandra
  • Alexandra: Too many blonde momments and lacked the buisness knowledge.

Bitches and Hoes

After the elimination the remaining 15 head back to their rooms and take what Jay-Z said to heart. Dee comes into Joey and Don's room and tries to apologize, but Joey forces him out. Troy sees Dee's problem and they return to Joey's room, where Joey once again tells Dee to get out. Troy says that Joey is immature for not accepting the honest apology, and they leave. Joey then says that they are both idiots, and Don laughs. The next morning Russell arrives and tells the contestants to suit up for a day of hell. After getting dressed they are taken to a field where their are various mining tools. Most of the contestants are completely confused, until Jay-Z explains that they have to in teams dig for gold. The team with the most gold wins, and the team with the biggest piece is also safe. After breaking into teams the game is on, and Jay-Z watches each team closely to judge their teamwork and eventually Team 1 wins again. Back at the mansion Dee calls out Don for not being a team player and yells at him, threatening to "shoot his ass". Don responds by telling Dee if he continues to act like this he will send himself home. Dee smashes his bottle on the bed table and then leaves the room, furious. Don follows him into the kitchen and provokes him even more. After the fighting intensifies Leon and Kayne enter the room and try to seperate the two. In his blinded anger Dee hits Leon before the situation calms down and Don leaves. Realising what he's done Dee apologizes to Leon, who was not seriously hurt and accepts his apology. Later Don and Joey plan to get Dee eliminated by provoking him again. They try before elimination, but Dee retains his temper and leaves the room. At eliminations Jay-Z praises him for his control and says that if he didnt walk away he would have endangered himself. He then calls down Jacob, Don, Joey, Rebekah and Vince. He saves Vince, and then scolds Don and Joey for their mindless actions. He sends back Don and Rebekah, but keeps Joey and Jacob. After reveiewing their progress he feels Joey has progressed more despite his agressiveness towards Dee. He then eliminates Jacob and takes his badge. He is pissed off in his interview, and says he wasnt given a chance to prove himself.

  • Bottom 5: Jacob, Don, Joey, Rebekah, Vince.
  • Eliminated:
  • Jacob: Failed to progress much.

The Boss

The remaining 14 competitors return from eliminations and immediately things heat up between Dee and Joey. Dee says that if Joey continues his stupid behaviour he's going to get sent home, but Joey is certain Dee is the next to go. After they seperate Joey tells Don that they both need to find some way to make Dee go over the edge. The next morning Russell arrives at the house and tells everyone to be ready for the biggest challenge they've faced yet. After they arrive at their destination the contestants are introduced to the guest judge rapper and producer Rick Ross. Jay-Z tells them that Rick is expecting big from the amateurs, and that their task is to split into two teams of seven and design a promo for Ross' upcoming album with Birdman, "The H". After getting an hour to work Jay-Z, Russell, Rick Ross, and also second guest judge Birdman review the two promos. Ross criticizes both for not really being his style, stating that they had info to work with. However he praised Team 1 for their use of the album's title "The H"'s many meanings in the promo. Birdman also like their initial layout, but reminded them that the album is also involving him and that he could not really see that. Russell agrees, but says they gave fair game and worked with what they had effectively. As for Team 2 Russell, Rick, and Birdman all agree that they crashed and burned but that they resurface slightly with the choice of music, using Rick Ross' track from his album Trilla Maybach Music which features Jay-Z. Jay-Z himself then reveals that the winner is Team 1 by a clear margin, and warns Team 2 that all their asses are on the line. He thanks Birdman and Rick Ross for coming, and then dismisses the contestants. Before elimination Dee once again comes underfire by Don and Joey. He grows extremely violent and threatens to kill them both. After escaping Dee Joey and Don pay a visit to Jay-Z in his office and tell him that Dee made "death threats" and held a knife as if he was about to stab them. Jay-Z says that they may have exagerrated a bit, but tells them both that someone is going home tonight out of those three. At eliminations he calls down Team 2; Dee, Joey, Vince, Rebekah, Chris, Kayne, and Katy. He sends back Kayne, Chris and Katy saying they were the "only beneficial members of the group" but tells them to make themselves known in the competition as he sees that they are in the shadows. He then saves Vince, saying that he calmed the fighting between Dee and Joey well but as a team leader failed to create a working promo. He then calls down Rebekah, Joey, and Dee. He reviews their cases, saying that he is not suprised that both Dee and Joey are down again. After the three plead their cases he saves Rebekah saying she has done "enough" to stay. After deliberating he decides to eliminate Dee, much to Don and Joey's pleasure, saying he reverted back to his gangster ways and let his temper stunt his progress. He warns Joey that the next time he's down in front of him he will be going home. He takes Dee's badge, and he thanks Jay-Z for the opportunity. In his interview he still holds animosity towards Don and Joey, and says he hopes to hell either of them don't win.

  • Bottom 5: Dee, Joey, Vince, Rebekah, Chris, Kayne, Katy.
  • Eliminated: Dee
  • Dee: After making significant progress, Dee let Joey and Don provoke him to easily and let his anger get the better of him.

Oh, You Thought You Were Safe!?

Leaving elimination, Don and Joey are overjoyed that Dee was eliminated. The other contestants call them out for being bad sports, and the two find a new target, Kayne. After trying to start on him they have little sucess and he ignores them. The next day Russell takes the remaining 13 contestants to the location of their next challenge. They are blindfolded, and only given small detail by Jay-Z of their next task. When they are unblindfolded they see 13 targets with their names on them. Jay-Z introduces the new way to determine the bottom three, Shoot To Vote. One by one the contestants must shoot at the target of who they feel should go home, and the person with the most votes will be in the bottom three, while the other two are determined by the upcoming challenge. After the process Joey recieves a whooping seven votes, Don recieves four and Kayne recieves two, from Don and Joey. Joey is honestly not suprised by the votes, and neither is Jay-Z. He does question the reason for their votes on Kayne, and Joey says just because he's an asshole. Jay-Z then says Joey is in the bottom three, and leads the contestants to their challenge. The competitors must individually sell $500 worth of CDs in two hours. The person with the most money will be safe from elimination. After the challenge Katy emerges the winner much to everyone's suprise, and Jay-Z commends her buisness savvy. Before eliminations Kayne is once again targetted by Joey and Don, but he goes outside to ignore them. They continue, and unknown to them Jay-Z watches from his office after hearing load noises. Kayne tells the two that he is watching but they continue. At elimination he calls down Joey and Don, instead of the usual five. He is convinced that they are both wasting his time, but must deicde which one deserves a second chance. He hopes that with the removal of one of them the other will start to focus. He then stats all the stuff Joey has done to piss people off, including him, and then heatedly eliminates him. He takes his badge and tells him to get the hell out. In his interview Joey tells everyone to "get f*cked!".

  • Bottom 5: None. Don and Joey were called down instead.
  • Eliminated: Joey
  • Joey: Joey was a troublemaker and Jay-Z had had enough.

Don't You Be Hustling My Money!

After eliminations Don feels vulnerable after Joey's shocking departure. Later that night he makes a phone call, and after eavesdropping on his conversation Vince and Kayne are convinced he is in the game to hustle Jay-Z's money. The next morning before the challenge they confront Jay-Z with the information. He says he will deal with it later after he looks into and dismisses them. At the challenge Russell tells the remaining 12 that things are just about to get harder. He also tells Don that he is the "underdog" and must rise to the top if he wants to stay. The challenge is to work as a team to stack up money-bags, similarly to one of season one's challenges. Proving himself, Don and his team win, much to the anger of Vince and Kayne. After the challenge Russell announces that although the team won, they are not immune from elimination, and then invites Jay-Z to speak. He tells the remaining 12 that the voting process used last time would be used again. However this time is not as simple as last. Don recieves two votes from Vince and Kayne, Vince recieves six votes from Don and five annonymous others, Kayne recieves three from Leon, Katy and Chris, after they noted Don's progress in the challenge. Jay-Z than makes the decision that the people with the three highest numbers, Kayne, Don and Vince will be on the firing line Back at the mansion Vince and Kayne, desperate to secure themselves in the next elimination, once again confront Jay-Z with the information. He says he listened to the other end of Don's phone call and confirmed that he was just talking to his friend and was unsure about staying in the competition. He then scolds Vince, for making up lies about Don for no reason but to get him off. At eliminations, he is still in his sour mood with Vince and Kayne for lying about Don. He calls down the three with the most votes and reviews their progress. He sends Don back up, much to the suprise of Vince and Kayne, and says he has made progress just as he hoped with the departure of Joey and hopes he continues his good work. Without wasting anymore time he eliminates Vince and takes his badge, saying "lying will not get him anywehre in the buisness world". In his interview Vince says that his entire plan backfired to get rid of Don, and that he regrets his actions if he could stay. Jay-Z warns Kayne to steer clear of the same choices as Vince, and sends him back. He is relieved, but in his interview he is convinced that his public enemy #1.

  • Bottom 3: Vince, Don, Kayne
  • Eliminated: Vince
  • Vince: Vince lied about Don's intentions and "lying gets you no where".

Two Birds With One Rock, Bitch!

With eleven contestants remaining, Kayne feels his target #1. After confronting the rest of the house with it he is shocked to realise no one is #1 on the hitlist, after there had been for the past three eliminations. Kayne apologises for his actions to Don, and they reconcile along with the others. Meanwhile Leon is feeling like he hasnt made significant progress although from day one he promised Jay-Z to be on the top of his game. The next morning Russell arrives to announce three things. Firstly he tells the remaining eleven that the voting system has been terminated after the tension in the house has died down. Secondly, that there will be a very special guest: Sean Combs. Finally, two will be eliminated at the next elimination. He then introduces Mr. Sean Combs, aka P-Diddy to the contestants. As a master of his craft Sean is going to coach the competitors on career goals. He asks them to write down their ultimate career goals, and then asks them how they will go about creating their ultimiate job if they win the money. Jay-Z and Russell, watching from another room, are impressed by some by not so much by others, including Leon. Jay-Z has the realisation that his "good game pitch" isnt reall fulfilling itself, and that Leon needs to back up his words with actions. After being educated by Sean Combs, the contestants much complete the CEO Test, which will grill them on all the information they have learnt from Sean. The three who achieve the highest will be safe from elimination. After an hour and a half of time, Jay-Z calls the test closed and announces that Don, Christina, and Troy achieved the highest scores, with an average between them of 95%. He then tells Leon that he got %45 of the answers correct, and questions him on his effort. Leon shrugs it off, and doesnt seem to care. Jay-Z then tells the three with the highest scores that they will recieve some extra lessons from Sean aboard his private yacht for the day. After the three return Leon confronts the others about his confidence that he will not go home. Troy reassures him that thinking like that will get him no where. Later at eliminations Jay-Z calls down the three with the lowest scores; Leon, Katy, and Don. After reviewing their cases long and hard, he decides to give Don one more shot after noticing his effort. He is proud of Katy, and sad to see her go, but isnt so nice to Leon. He says that he talked a good game but couldnt back it up. He takes their badges, and sends Don back.

  • Bottom 3: Leon, Katy and Don
  • Eliminated: Leon, Katy
  • Leon: Talked a good game but didnt back it up. Actions speak louder than words.
  • Katy: Jay-Z was proud of Katy, and felt she could make it on her own.

Count Your Chances Before Your Money

The remaining nine contestants awake the next day to find Russell Simmons has left them their next task assigned by Jay-Z, involving broadening their finacial managing skills. They are met by Jay-Z and financial adivsor Jeffrey Ciero, who teaches them the principals on consserving and spending your money, essentially for being a CEO. Jay-Z notes some of the contestant's commitment, such as Troy and Chris, but others seem distracted like Kayne. After the lesson Jay-Z tells the contestants that they will be heading to the stock market for a challenge. When they arrive Russell instructs them in the daily routine of a stock market bidder, to see who can handle it the best. Jay-Z and Ciero are watching from another room on the contestants' progress. At the end of the day Jay-Z announces that Troy is the winner, and safe from elimination, and that he will also be going on a "behind the scenes" tour of the stock market to further broaden his knowledge with Ciero. After he and Jay-Z leave with Ciero for the tour later that night, Kayne and Larry enter an altercation and Larry says Kayne"is not here for the right reasons". Kayne seems convinced that Jay-Z trusts him and will invest in him if he proves himself further. The fight continues and as Jay-Z and Troy return he is greatly annoyed by the two's imaturity, and calls them into his office. He hears both sides of the story, and excuses them, contemplating before elimination. At eliminations, as expected, he calls down Kayne and Larry to the carpet. He says that Larry is usually timid, and he is suprised by his outburst at Kayne. Meanwhile he says that he hoped with Vince's departure Kayne would stay on as straightforward line. He says that Kayne got his second chance with Vince leaving, and says that Kayne was not working hard enough or concentrating. He eliminates him and takes his badge, thanking him. He sends Larry back, and warns him he too has a second chance. In his interview Kayne seems dissapointed, and says he was trying.

  • Bottom 3: Kayne, Larry (No third contestant called down)
  • Eliminated: Kayne
  • Kayne: Kayne was eliminated for not working hard enough and getting easily distracted.

Eight Is Enough

The remaining eight return from elimination after Kayne's departure, but Larry feels he narrowly dodged a bullet and thinks he is on thin ice. Troy and Chris reaffirm him that as long as he keeps it real Jay-Z will keep him on, and say that Don will probably be the next to go. Don overhears, and confronts them. He says that he is is "twice the man" any of them are, and then Troy says he should go on "Tool Academy instead of this show". Don leaves, and Troy calls back "at least I have a chance at this without loosing my tempoer". Feeling offended and unfairly treated Don requests a meeting with Jay-Z the next morning. He says that Troy and Chris, as well as Larry, are ganging up on him for no reason. Jay-Z dismisses Don and says he will deal with it later. Don joins the others and Russell, who explains their next challenge. They have an hour to train with motivational speaker Craig Tambor, and then they must speak to the public and give a presentation on Jay-Z. They also must learn all they can about the man behind the music, and get their facts right. Team 1, comprising of Troy and Chris goes first, and gets majority of their facts right, impressing Jay-Z and Craig. Team 2, comprising of Don and Christina get a lot of things wrong, and Don buckles, blaming Christina, which the judges don't buy. Team 3 (Rebekah) suprises the judges with her skill in presenting on her own, and getting most of it right. Jay-Z then pronounces that her, and Chris from the other team, are the winners, saying he showed more comfortability than Troy. After the challenge Rebekah recieves a call from her mother telling her that her father is in hospital again, suffering from lung cancer. Back at the house she gets emotional and the others comfort her, while Don remains angry at Christina for no apparent reason. At eliminations Jay-Z congratulates the remaining competitors on their progress, and feels that Troy, Chris, and Rebekah have done exceedingly well and deserve to stay on. When she goes up Rebekah tells Jay-Z that she needs to leave because of her father, and he agrees. But before she leaves he gives her a cheque for $100,000 for her family, thanking her. After she says goodbye to the others and leaves, Jay-Z calls down Christina and Don. He criticises Don for his unecessary anger towards her, and decides that the stress has taken enough toll on him, and eliminates him. He takes Don's badge, and congratulates him on his progress.

  • Bottom 3: Don, Christina (No third person)
  • Eliminated: Don, Rebekah (quit)
  • Don: Don let his anger the better of him too many times.
  • Rebekah: Rebekah withdrew from the competition after learning of her father's declining health.

Reason for Elimination

Name Reason for Elimination Eliminated
Rocky D (David) One of the many gangsters that had entered the show. Jay-Z felt he completely disinterested with the competition Episode 1
1-Eighty (Marcus) Jay-Z once again said that "this is not From G's To Gents" and eliminated 1-Eighty for his lack of interest, like Rocky D and Duke. Episode 1
Duke Another gangster constestant, who showed no interest whatsoever except for the booze. Episode 1
Rick Was apparently "fake" and "sleezy", and lacked buisness knowledge. Episode 1
Alexandra Made little progress and Jay-Z felt that her constant clashes with Zoe stunted her progress even more. Episode 2
Jacob Did not participate in the challenge and showed little commitment earlier on. Episode 3
Dee One of the gangster-esque contestants that had survived Jay-Z' "purge", he seemingly lost concentration and reverted back to his "knucklehead" ways. Episode 4
Joey Constantly clashed with others and did not focus on why he was there. Episode 5
Vince Vince was the main accuser of Don's supposed hustling, and Jay-Z stated "lying is a shit trait to use in this game". Episode 6
Leon Spoke a good game but never backed it up in the challenges. Episode 8
Katy One of the strongest female contestants, Jay-Z felt she had let her emotions get the better of her to many times. Episode 8
Kayne Let himself down in the team challenge and Jay-Z felt being away from his family caused him to much stress. Episode 9
Don Although he made improvement after Joey's departure, Jay-Z still felt Don had problems that could not allow him to continue Episode 10
Rebekah (quit) With her father seriously ill, Jay-Z felt Rebekah should spend his last days with him, granting her a $100,000 cheque for her family. Episode 10
Chris (quit) Chris quit after taking on to much stress, which caused him to faint at the challenge. Jay-Z was not dissapointed, and felt that it was the right decision for the both of them. Episode 11
Larry Let his confidence fumble in the challenge and lacked confidence overall. Episode 12
Christina Despite being charismatic and intelligent, Jay-Z felt Troy was a better CEO over her. Episode 13

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