The Mammoth Tanks

The Mammoth Tank is a Galactic Alliance armies heavy assault tank that was used for supremecy over the land and the bigger cousin of the Guardian tank. It can defeat most enemies in one on one combat especially AAT, Super Tanks and other Droid Armies deadliest and strongest vehicles. If the tank gets destroyed the tank becomes a husk which will self repair itself into full condition and come back to get revenge against the bad guys. Their true rivals they have are the T-773 Death Walkers which are taller and more massive than the tanks and causes lots of problems with their advanced weaponry and their crushing legs. The Autobot Warpath was in charge of the biggest mammoth Tank battalions.

During the Transformers Wars, this vehicle was used to help the Autobots defeat the Sith Legions most powerful enemies such as teaming up with the Autobot Cars to destroy the Stunticons, Combaticons and the Constructicons. During the war these tanks proven vulnerable to the Magnaguards and the Death Troopers. Despite various drawbacks for the tank the Mammoth tank became a successful tank and a Huge Tank parade was seen on many worlds after the Transformers Wars.

G.I. Cop hunters

"Holy sh*t! That is one big tank!"
—Evil warrior cops response to a mammoth tank[src]
GI Cop hunters mammoth tank

The Mammoth tank in G.I. Cop Hunters

In G.I. Cop hunters this tank is built by America's Cop hunter unit in Enter the Mammoth tanks so G.I. Cop Hunters can counter the Super Cop robots employed by the evil cops, fight the King Tiger tanks and Malibu death machines of the Nazi Cops and fight the Soviet cops Super Tanks. Armed with 2 120mm cannons, 2 missile launches, 4 treads and heavy armor this tank is more than a match for any other vehicle in battle. The downside is these tanks are expensive, only the elite tank drivers can drive them and are used in limited numbers only.

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