Mandragore is the debut album from Italian gothic metal band Mandragoria, released in 1991 via Candelbra Records. It is followed by 1993's Bloody Nights.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Mandragorial" - 5:00
  2. "He Is The Deathly" - 7:44
  3. "Bathory" - 3:55
  4. "Blood Is Wine" - 8:00
  5. "The Taste Hangs In My Throat" -9:00


Reception for Mandragore was generally positive. Metalix said: "Although Mandragoria offer nothing to new or drastic to the gothic vampire formulae, they do have a good vocalist under their belt and generally decent lyrical themes".


  • Juliano Crescetti - producer
  • Conácht O'Ráegh - mixer
  • Francesco M. Valdieri - artwork
  • Lord Mandragoria (Francesco Valdieri) - vocals
  • Mina (Isabella Candelini) - female vocals
  • Andreasi Badoia - guitars
  • Vincente Valtora - bass
  • Christiano Moriato - drums

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