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An emotionally disturbed 17-18 year old young woman, who looks two years younger than her actual age. She is reality challenged and shunned by the people in her life, with her domineering younger brother, who is two years younger than her and treats her like a child, claiming that Mantha acts like nothing is ever her fault and while he and other people strongly believe she is an attention-seeker, she believes her family members are ganging up on her. Mantha detached from her real friends because she decided she no longer liked them and were terrible people who were very immature, then she makes friends with the Chipmunks and the Chipettes and other strange creatures. Alvin seems to encourage Manta to do bad things and make trouble. Mantha is said to suffer from Histrionic or Borderline Personality Disorder and possibly Schitzophrenia and is also said to have Asperger's Syndrome, albeit mild. She is bored with her lack of a life and once said that even catching the stomach flu seemed like fun from her perspective. Very sensitive, emotional and prone to crying spells, but in later chapters, she gets less sensitive and genuinely develops a love for discord and being pulled into bad situations by bad seeds, and seeks out to learn how to be less sensitive and emotional. She then says she wants to be a bad seed herself, as she thinks she can't do anything right and a disaster she would always be, so she seems eager to "destroy herself". In later stories, she gets back with her old "immature" friends, realizing she isn't very mature herself. Her main focuses vary, from looking for trouble, to trying to sedate herself, to looking for a mean boyfriend, although so far she hasn't been doing an acutal search.



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