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Traveling Plumber


Mario is a main character featured in the Ultimate Adventures television series. In the series he is portrayed as an Italian plumber who travels with his brother Luigi looking for work. He and his brother join up with Ryu and Nash on their adventure hoping to find Princess Peach who had been kidnapped by Bowser and his Koopa Troop.

Character Outline

This portrayal of Mario is based off that of the Super Mario Bros. as he commonly travels alongside with his brother Luigi. There are differences from how Mario is portrayed in Ultimate Adventures then how he is in the Nintendo games. Mario in Ultimate Adventures is shown to be rather intelligent and serious and acts more like a parent to Luigi rather than a brother.


Fire Manipulation: Mario in Ultimate Adventures is shown to hold the ability to completely be able to manipulate and control. Mario can spew flames from either his mouth or the palms of his hand and even mold the flames into shapes such as a sphere. The flames in which Mario wields are red in color.

Plot Involvement

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