Markus is a Demon warrior and a main protagonist of Devil May Cry: Sparda's Resurrection. He allies with Dante and Vergil later on in the story to be of assistance with the mission at hand. His role in the story itself is much more than how the story surely seems.


Markus in his Human Form is of an average man's appearance, but with many altercations to make him have the appearance of a shirtless swordsman. He has long, dark blue shoulder length hair with gray streaks. He has a medium muscle tone with tan skin and blue eyes. Markus also has a cloth of some sorts connected to the right side of the waist that goes down to his right ankle. Also shown is a special sort of bronze knight leg armor that shows he might have been a knight in his past during the time Sparda tried to save the Human World.


Markus, when not in battle, has Vergil's personality. Meaning, he is calm, cool, and collected when not in battle. But when he enters battle, his personality changes to that of Dante at his most mature. He is serious when a fight begins and has a very strong sense of justice and prefers to fight fairly, as does Dante. Also like Dante in general, he refuses to kill full-blooded humans for any reason whatsoever. Unlike Dante and Vergil, however, Markus is of high selflessness, courage, and loyalty to all who befriend him or others that he befriends.


Markus's abilities are unknown at the moment, but by the appearance of his weapon might be a clue that his abilities have to do with lava and/or darkness. As the story progresses, his abilities will be shown one by one at certain parts of the story itself.


Primary WeaponsEdit

Dark Magma SwordEdit

A special sword composed of lava and the dark remains of Sparda, after his death of course, that fully formed the sword. But as time went on, the sword began to slowly deteriorate and it's slowly breaking down, due to the unstable power of Sparda's dark remains, which was stabled with the power of Markus's own demon energy, which he needs very little of every time the darkness in the sword becomes unstabled.

Secondary(Long-Ranged) WeaponsEdit

At the current time, Markus does not have a Secondary Weapon, but it is possible that his Primary Weapon may act as a Secondary Weapon, with the possibility to be able to shoot energy beams of lava from the tip of the blade and through the hearts of demons that stands in his way. It is only a prediction at the moment, but as the story progresses, Markus might obtain this ability as his Secondary Weapon.



Markus, like Sparda, was once one of Mundus's loyal demons, but of little importance to Mundus, so Mundus does not know him in any way. And Like Sparda, Markus had a change of heart and switched sides. He viewed the defeat of Mundus from a distance and entered the Human World before he sealed the Temen-ni-gru. Over the last 2 thousand years, Markus watched Sparda in secret, even through the 20th century when Sparda met Eva for the first time, and gave birth to the Sons of Sparda. Over the time of the boys' aging, Markus had secretly watched over them, much like a guardian, and predicted that one day, the two would work together to stop a powerful threat. Before Sparda disappeared, he came across Markus and gave him his one mission to be fulfilled throughout time: To come to the aid of his sons when the time comes for them to work together to stop a greater threat. After that, Markus never saw Sparda again, but he heeded his words until it was time to reveal himself to the two for the first time.

The MysteryEdit

Markus, hidden in fog in the night, saw the figure pick up the two swords and wondered who he was. He followed the figure to his castle, looking through the window in a shadowy cloak. As he looked at the figure, who began to make an evil laugh, Markus thought to himself, "What purpose does he have with the swords of Sparda's sons?" Markus then left the castle, now in search of Dante and Vergil, both of which who are in unknown locations at the time being. Markus begins to wonder where the two are after looking for so long. He now realizes that he would have to think like the two brothers. His journey to finding the Sons of Sparda has begun. A few days later, Markus had sensed a great power of evil, near the power of the Hellgates themselves, the possibly only way to enter the Demon World, so Markus now sets on a journey to find this source and find the answers that he deserves to know.

More unveiled as the Story progresses...

Devil TriggersEdit

This Devil Trigger is his only known at the moment and also his strongest. His appearance shows a mutant demon wolf-like helmet with devil spikes facing backwards on the back of his head. He also has spikes sticking out in various directions on both of his shoulders. His chest has what seemed to be claws pointing towards the center, which looks like half-viewable pectoral muscles and one abdomen muscle. His arms have special tubes that resemble exposed arteries that connect to the shoulder and shoulder blades. His neck appears to be the same, connecting from his head to his chest. The lower body appears to have armor similar to his Human Form's, but it's hard to be sure exactly how it looks. It is also shown that Markus can turn his entire left arm into his Dark Magma Sword as his weapon. It appears that he doesn't have a mouth, but he actually does. His transformation sphere color is purple.



  • The name Markus comes from the term Marcus which is an extension of Mars, the Roman God of War and refer to Ares in the Greek Pantheon.
  • The name also derives from Marcus attributable to religious monasteries and sanctuaries named Sanctus Marcus.
  • Markus is named after the extenstion name 'Marcus' used for the Roman God Mars and the Greek God Ares.
  • Markus's Devil Trigger is loosely based on a custom made demon version of Ares, the Greek God of War, which can be made through great creativity.

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