Eet s a mii MARREOH by tachin
Guiyii The Mind Raper by tachin
Marreoh & Guiyii are the odd clones of Malleo & Weegee they came apperancely when Malleo & Weegee Both Stared at a mirror they both have Mind fuck powers to explode brains & demiontions there cousins are the Teh Reeoh Brottas.

They are one of the Characters in SSBU

Marreoh's Attacks

  • Standard: Fiah Bawh
  • Down:slide kick
  • Side:Slap
  • Up:head flop
  • Final smash:Explosive Mind Fuck


  • Standard:Fiah Bawh
  • Down:Guiyii Spin (same as Luigi's Down attack)
  • Side Guiyii Rocket (same as luigi's side attack)
  • Up:head flop
  • Final smash: Hyponic Mind Fuck

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