Married with Skids is the first episode of series one of The Jeffersons. It is followed by The Party Pooper.


Doug feels his marriage is loosing its vibe and asks Gary to help. Meanwhile Charlie gets drunk and watches the Cosby Show.


The episode starts with Charlie watching the Brady Bunch, whereupon one of the boys (unnamed) claims that Marsha stole his bong. Soon after the Charlie turns off the television and Gary Joners arrives adn tries to sell him Cambodian cocaine for Doug. Charlie tells Gary to leave but he protests, and finally leaves after Charlie threatens him. Gary then leaves and Doug arrives home soon after. When he asks Charlie what happened that day, he remarks that just Gary and Bill Clinton dropped by. When Doug asks what Bill Clinton was doing in Riverton, Charlie replies that he was campaigning for Hillary. It then shows Bill Clinton arriving at Merv Jones's house and his friend Finbar Johnston answering the door. Bill Clinton asks for Finbar's vote with Hillary, but he brings up the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Bill Clinton then replies with his famous quote: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman". Doug then asks about Gary and Charlie tells him. Doug then asks nervously how much he was selling the drugs for, and Charlie asks if he is addicted and actually wanted some. Doug replies no, but he is smoking coke at the same time. Charlie then says he does'nt do steroids, and he is in fact injecting a needle into himself.

Meanwhile Bobby Jefferson meets with his friend Luke Viewulker and Luke goes off to get some other guys. He returns with the recuring characters Erwin Swisch Jr. and Albert Fromz. Erwin is a steriotypical geek and Albert is a disfigured crosseyed boy. Luke then asks if anyone has Halo 3, to which both Erwin and Albert say why they are good and why they can't play it. Luke then asks Bobby, who says he does'nt play video games and goes outside. Erwin then asks in suprise if he even has Halo 1. Bobby replies no, and then remarks that this situation is as worse as the time Charlie cooked mammee noodles. It then goes to Charlie cooking the noodles earlier in time and the Mammee Monster, who becomes Charlie's second nemesis after he meets him, arrives and states mammee noodles are'nt supposed to be cooked, as it says on the mammee noodle packet. Charlie calls the monster a douchebag and he lifts him up, tossing him into the cooking pot. It then goes back to Bobby who remarks that he hates that monster.

Back at the Jefferson's house Charlie recalls that someone called about a party at Gary's and Doug asks when it is on. Charlie tells him seven thirty, but states he is not going. Doug then calls Molly Jefferson and tells her about the party, but Molly says she can't come. Doug thinks his marriage is in trouble, but Molly can't come really because of work. Doug then proceeds to call Gary and ask him for marital advice. Gary says he will talk about it at the party and Doug hangs up. Charlie then remarks that he should'nt ask Gary about it seeing as he does not have a wife. Two hours later Doug is dressed formally and tells Charlie that there's nachos in the fridge before he leaves for the party. Charlie then goes into the kitchen and puts the nachos in the microwave, grabbing a Green Stoner's Brew beer. A few minutes later he is drunk on the couch surrounded by beer bottles

Meanwhile at the party Doug is talking to Gary about his marriage and other characters such as Mayor Maguire and Jerry White are seen to be present. Gary tells Doug that he needs to throw a party for Molly, an uber bash as he says. Back at the house Charlie laughs at Billy Cosby talking gibberish on the Cosby Show, and the episode ends.

Cultural references Edit

The beginning of the episode references to the popular TV series The Brady Bunch. Other references include Halo, Bill Cosby, the 2008 election, the Bill Clinton crisis and the Mammee Monster; mascot for the popular Mammee Noodles.

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