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Marsha in "Resolve".

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September 29th, 1961


May 23rd, 2013

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Criminal Investigation and Forensics, Miami Court System


Assistant District Attorney

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Marsha Meyers was a main character in the American crime drama Law & Order: Miami.


Marsha was born on September 29th, 1961. She grew up on a harsh side of Tampa, Florida, which later made her move out of her parent's house when she was 20. She went to the University of Miami and graduated with honors. She later went on to become an Assistant District Attorney for Miami. After a few months, she was transferred under the guise of District Attorney Walter Alston. That is where she also met the members of the Criminal Investigation and Forensics Bureau.


In the episode "Fall From Grace", Meyers stubbornly pursued a case involving a gang of corrupt law enforcement officers who were accused of murdering seven people. This choice, however, put her life in danger as she was the target of a few other crooked cops who were in close relations with the defendants. As she exited the courthouse after the second half of the trial, Meyers was almost shot in a drive-by. The CIFB then ordered that Meyers be put in Witness Protection until the threats suceded. However, Meyers reluctantly brushed off the heavy protection by the CIFB and decided to stay in a remote hotel. One night, Meyers exited her hotel and got in her car to travel to the CIFB's HQ after finding some incriminating evidence on the other crooked cops. However, as she was starting the car, an unknown individual came up to her window and shot her three times. In the next episode "In Memoriam", Meyers manages to contact Detective Carlson, who finds her inside her car. Meyers later dies in his arms after he calls for an ambulance. At the end of the episode, she is mourned by all of the CIFB members and DA Walter Alston.


  • According to Marsha, she has a fear of heights. (Falling)
  • Marsha's first husband was a police officer who was killed in the line of duty. (Boundaries)
  • Marsha and her character's actress, Catherine Keener, share the same middle name: "Ann".
  • Meyers has only ever shot a gun twice.
  • Is Catholic.

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