Marthe Ricard is a character in the animated television series Nick and Jerrick. She is a 41-year-old French-American citizen but is also a skilled thief. She and her husband once lived in France were they stole from many people. During their biggest heist which involved stealing the Mona Lisa, they were captured and expelled from France by the government. They moved to Rose Beach, Florida in America and rented out an apartment at the Grandcenter complex which they have used as their base of operations ever since. When she was twenty-nine, Marthe gave birth to her daughter, Anne-Elisabeth Ricard, who she and her husband then trained to become a master thief just like them.

Marthe is slightly shorter than her husband as she stands at 5'7. She is rather athletic, thin, and flexible as a result of her husband training her to be a master thief. She has fair skin, long and flowing black hair, and hazel eyes. Marthe appears to be just as cunning and manipulative as her husband but she still does care for her family (despite Barnabé only using her and her daughter for his own personal gain) Marthe will never result to using her family as tools but often feels free to exploit other people in her schemes.

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