Uninator starts an evil team after the combination of the universes



A mysterious being who is responseble for the combination. He starts this team for ultimate destruction. He kills Mario, and later in the final battle Bowser, Mickey and Sonic


Together with Palpatine second in charge, He kills Donald Duck, Ash, Clayton and Spider-Man. he is killed by Goku in The Battle of Life.


Together with Frieza second in charge.He kills Darth Vader after he finds out he doesn't want to listen to hem, he also kills Jafar and Scar He is killed by Luke in The Battle of Life.


Another evil member of the syndicate. He kills Mr.Fantastic. He is crushed by the combined power of The Thing and Spider-Man.


Evil as always. He kills Link and James. He is killed by Mario with the help of Jessie.


The digital vampire. He killes Human Torch, Goofy, Tai and Meowth.

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