Seok Song mostly known as Master Song is a character of the animated television series Nick and Jerrick. Seok is an 82-year-old Korean Taekwondo master currently living in the United States. He fought in the Korean War for the side of South Korea and after the war he was trapped on the North Korean side of the border. Seok Song snuck back to the United States with U.S soldiers and moved to Rose Beach, Florida. He currently lives in the Grandcenter Apartments in a room directly above that of Nick and Jerrick's apartment. He runs a 24/7 Taekwondo school. Seok Song has a long and pointy beard. Despite his old age he still has a ton of gray hair which he keeps in a bun. Seok Song can always be seen wearing his white Taekwondo uniform and his 9th degree black belt around his waist. Seok Song is also a South Korean nationalist and always talks about how much he loves his country and how much despises North Korea.


  • He is based off the former Taekwondo instructor of Steven-Kun, his creator.

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