Masters Of Horror: Four Maniacs is a four hour episode special broadcasting four massacres commited by four deranged and murderous psychopaths who escape from the mental institution they are withheld at. The first story in order is entitled "Dark Of The Moon" and is written by Mick Garris and Keith Addis and directed by Gregory Lavasseur, the second story is entitled "All Hallow Eve" and is written by Stuart Gordon, Dennis Paoli and directed by Pupi Avati, the third story is entitled "Girlfriend" written by Morris Berger and directed by Rick Bota and the fourth and final story is entitled "Watery Grave" written by Bo Alther and Grant Rosenberg and directed by Wes Craven.

It aired on Showtime on Ferbruary 22nd 2011 as the season four episode premiere for the third season of Masters Of Horror and will be later released by Starz Entertainment and Anchor Bay on DvD.


Dark Of The MoonEdit

The first Maniac Hannold Bluffett escapes from Martane Hills Psychiatric Hospital and takes aim at the Martane Hills High School Seniors participating in an eerie production telling the tragic story of a Werewolf with a bloodlust.

All Hallow EveEdit

The second maniac Cardane Roberts escapes from Martane Hills Psychiatric Hospital and takes aim at four girls celebrating Halloween on his old street.


The third maniac and former lothario Julian Marvolo escapes from Martane Hills Psychiatric Hospital and targets six former girlfriends of his who all refused to write to him while he was imprisoned in Martane Hills.

Watery GraveEdit

The fourth, final and only female maniac Clara Simmonsen escapes from Martane Hills Psychiatric Hospital and takes aim at four girls and a boy who bullied her as a child.


  • John Francis Daley as Hannold Bluffett
  • Blake Foster as Corbin Dannish
  • April Matson as Verina Dannish
  • Cloris Leachman as Miss Claudette
  • Shantel VanSanten as Judith Favreau
  • Anna Kendrick as Kenjessica Parker
  • Michael Trevino as Samuel Wyatt
  • Douglas Smith as Simon Trimble
  • Courtknee Draper as Julia Kimble

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