The Matrix in Optimus Primes Chest

The Autobot Matrix of Leadership (sometimes the Creation Matrix or, rarely, the Autobot Matrix of Power or the Matrix of Light) is an artifact of great power, traditionally carried by the leader of the Autobots. By most accounts, it holds a part of the essence of Primus, the creator-god of the Transformers, although much about it, including its exact composition, remains a mystery. It generally appears as a hollow, spherical metal shell with two handles on either side and with a core sphere of blueish crystal at its center. The Matrix is one of the very, very, very few things which Unicron and the Sith fears. The Matrix is also the counter to the dark power of the Chaos Crystal. In the end the Matrix healed Optimus Prime, killed Darth Grievous, destroyed the Sith, stopped the Dark Future from happening, Lightened the Autobots darkest hour and restored the golden age of the Star Wars and Transformers universes.

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