Mawbles are a species from Intim Cove. They are small green men with no legs who waddle around and are expert swimmers.

Artwork of a normal Mawble.


Mawbles are usually kind, though easily scared. On a the third day of a month with a Y in it that comes on a weekday, when Intim Cove's walls turn orange and the mud becomes quicksand, a random Mawble's personality will go weird and eventually be sucked into the quicksand and turned into a Mudball. Some are very kind and brave but become rude and a scaredy-cat, some are very rude and a scaredy-cat but become kind and brave, some are rude and brave and become kind and a scaredy-cat, some are kind and a scaredy-cat but become rude and brave.


The history of the Mawbles, as told in the manual of Mawble Mayhem:

Mawbles are mythical creatures who were created before the rainstorm of Noah's ark. Before the Mawbles there were strange creatures called Molls and Blulls. Molls were wise creatures who were green and round with little balls for hands connected by nothingness. This is where the Mawbles' color, head and hands come from. A Blull is cone shaped with a fountain of hair. This is where the Mawbles' body and hair come from. The Molls and Blulls were too plentiful and many would die from the flood. So a wise Moll created a machine that would merge two species. A Moll and a Blull stepped in and a Mawble was born. The Mawbles soon got lost and found Intim Cove, where they learned to swim and became a plentiful species.


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