Maximos "Max" Noah Rivers is the main character and narrator in, Enough for a Kettle. He is a demi-god and is the son of is the God of the Sky, Rain, Thunder, Zeus, who is the ruler of Olympus and the gods and also part of the Big Three. Making him a very important and powerful demi-god. He is not the only child of Zeus, but is the youngest. Thalia Grace and Hugo Luther are Zeus's other children. His mortal parent is Samantha Rivers. As a son of Zeus, he has the ability to control thunder, wind and rain, an ability which has an incredible variety of uses.



Before Enough for a Kettle, Max Rivers was raised by his mother, Samantha Rivers, until he was eight, and went to Dartmouth Primary school in Devon, where he met Dash Lucas who went to the Community College across the road. At sports day, where both schools are together and team up, but a Nemean lion charges in and destroys the field, which Dash throughs stones into his mouth, to expose it's one unprotected surface, it's mouth. Then after that, Max is taken to Camp Half Blood by him.

Enough for a Kettle

As Max is now fourteen and is living at Camp Half Blood as a year-boarder, a new camper comes to Camp called Bryony Thorn. Chrysander makes Max and his best friend Finn Bellamy, to take Bryony for a tour round the camp, just as the Camp bully comes, Daniel Mathews, which Bryony takes charge and drags her new friends to the west side of woods.

A few days in, Max gets pushed into the lake and Bryony dives in and saves him, where she discovered to be the daughter of Poseidon. Not long after that, as all the camp is playing Catch The Flag, Max, who has been in the Hospital shelter is sitting by the River Phoenix senses something wrong, and goes searches for his best friend Finn, as he did, someone tries to kill him and injurers the person. Not soon after that, the Camp Leader, Hugo Luther and Activties Directer covers everything up, and Max goes to find out what is going on and finds out that he has been chosen to do a quest, but has strightly been told not to go. He digs up the courage to go on the quest at midnight with his friends, Bryony, Dash and Finn to soon find out that one of four wheels of Poseidon has been stolen. Then, as Max risks his life to save his friends, is pulled off a helicopter and pullages to his death, but just in time, something grabs hold of him and his thrown back into the helicpoter where he discovers that he is the son of Zeus.


Max is often portrayed as a quite, kind and brave person, who is willing to risk his life for his friends. And is often told that he has gotten the courage of his father, and the kindness of his mother. But is often compaired to his father and sibblings.

Despite not being very popular at school and Camp, Max's compassion and good nature has caused several girls and boys to develop feelings for him, including Daniel Mathews (Son of Aphrodite, who later on discovers that Max has a crush on him), Hector Rae(Son of Eros), Andrea Williams (Daughter of Aphrodite) and Aimée Belaire (Daughter of Demeter).

Powers and Special Abilities

  • ADHD, which actually is heightened alertness that keeps half-bloods ready and alive for battle.
  • Dyslexia, since his brain is hard-wired for reading Ancient Greek instead of modern languages.
  • Max has clairvoyant dreams, causing him to watch events in distant locations as an out-of-body experience. This is a general feature of demigods, but becomes even more intense during times of strife and when events are in motion.
  • Max is an extremely powerful half-blood and is on par in strength with Percy, Thalia, Nico, and Bianca because they are also children of the Big Three.
  • Max can send powerful amounts of static shock throughout another person's body on contact.
  • Max has a strong leadership quality which is possibly a result of being the son of Zeus.
  • Max has electrokinesis (control over electricity and lightning) due to Zeus, the god of lightning, being his father.


  • Max has a celestial bronze sword called Skyrip, that was given to him from his half brother, Hugo Luther from their father.
  • A pen-knife that has a hundred and one things in it if you whack it.

Fatal Flaw

It is implied that he has a weak resistance when he is offered power. Plus that he'd risk to save his life to save his friends, as it shows in which he jumps off a building onto a helicopter to save his friends. He is also extremely determined, but also a terrible swordsman.


Daniel Mathews: He and Max haven't really got on, although, Daniel thinks Max is cute that he is demtermined as he never backs down, but near to the end, Morpheus discovers in Max's dreams that he has a crush on Daniel.

Hector Rae: Hector and Sydney were told to find Max and Finn as they got into a spot of trouble with Viah and went to save them, by orders of Hugo. When Max woke up, Hector took a liking to to him and offers to look at his injurered ankle, but ends up kissing Max.

Andrea "Andy" Williams: had a small crush on him when he was living at Camp, but never said anything thinking it would spoil their friendship.

Aimée Belaire: Aimée always had a soft spot for him, as she always kindly spoke to him and oftered to walk to him to the pavilion. And Bryony had said that Max had a soft spot for gardeners as his mother worked as one.


Samantha Rivers

Max loves his mother, even through he hasn't lived with her for six years, they connected through letters, but at the end of Enough for a Kettle, he decides that he wants to live with her again.


Max loves his father no matter what, but is irriated by him by not claiming him sooner, he is resentful at having been ignored all his life, but grows to realise that such is the life of a Half-blood. But at the end of Enough for a Kettle, they turn a new leaf, but still have their distance between each other.

Mike Evans

Max stepdad is happy with his stepdad, they get on fine, even though they haven't connected very well through out the years, they still have a good bond.

William and Joshua Evans

William and Joshua are Max's younger half brothers, they our both irriating, William is like a mini Max, quite and shy, apart from that Will has their mothers eyes, green.

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