The Following List of how to vanquish the eight hundred and forty four elemental masters.

The LeadersEdit

  • Mr. H- The Use of his four disciples Syphilli Chant
  • Mrs. Lenya- The Use of her four disciples Grundilli Chant
  • Mr. Dijiin- The Use of his four ice shards
  • Mr. Niroy- The use of his four element crystal shards

The HundredEdit

The following group of most powerful Elemental Masters and their means of destruction

  • Mister Martin- Large Shard
  • Mrs. Dayne- Reflection
  • Mr. Morb- Stake
  • Mrs. Juno- Greengore Acid
  • Mr. Turn- Reflux
  • Mr. Right- Answer To The Large Riddle
  • Mr. Wrong- Answer to the Small Riddle
  • Mr. Turney- Exposure Of Sun
  • Mrs. Turney- Exposure Of Moon
  • Mrs. Waverly- Beam
  • Mr. Junipus- Battle-Axe
  • Ms. Kemper- Love
  • Mrs. Foriaun- Toad
  • Mr. Jauney- Squawk
  • Mrs. Littleman- Meow

The Rest are unnamed throughout the books but were part of the organization and stated by Allison and Theo's reading on the Elemental's Tome that the methods above for the named were used again reptively.

The Forthy FourEdit

Unnamed and all believed to be killed by any means.

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