The series title screen logo. The gears spin around in the opening.

Meanwhile In The Future is an animated cartoon series created by Matthew Lane, first broadcasted on Cartoon Network on September 7th 2022. This series takes place in the far future in the year 75000 where a greedy industrial company; "Equinox", has pretty much taken over the entire world, and turned it into one huge labyrinth-like industrial zone. The show focuses on the life of a bunch a 13-year-olds, Collin Riddle, Natsumi Akimoto, Jet Crawler, and Tiff Fairweather. Collin will usually invent some kind of huge contraption to cure his severe boredom for the day, and he will drag all of his friends into the situation. Something usually goes horribly wrong (e.g, getting in legal trouble, time travel accidents, etc.) Chris Lanford, the current CEO of Equinox usually comes into the plot and pays alot of serious attention from his office when the teens are doing something that breaks several laws.


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