Mecha-161 Special Stance
Real Name Mecha-161
Height 6'11"
Weight Unknown
Resides Earth
Origin Earth
First Appearance Warzone 2
Species Mecha
Allies Mechas
Enemies Every living thing other then Mechas
Weapons Fists

Laser Eye

US Army Weapons

Mecha Army Weapons

Fighting Styles Mecha-161's Style
Alignment Good

Mecha-161 is a character that orignates from the Ultimo X universe. Mehca-161 is one of the most powerful character to ever be built, also alive.


Mecha-161's origins are back when Sgt. Cammando had made the 160 other Mecha robots. Sgt. Cammando wanted to make a mecha that could stop anything in it's path and could be the ultimate machine to ever be created. When Mecha-161 was born, he was one of many clones that were made in the cloning factory. Mecha-160 had made all of the copies 161. Mecha-161 was then out in war with over 30 different countries and then after he was done with that he thought of having freedom from the human race.

While in Iraq, 161 had started his plan. When making plans with one of the captains, 161 said, "About that," then he shot his laser eye through the captains head and there was blood everywhere from the captains head. Other human army members tried to shoot at 161, but he just used the fore to stop every bullet that came at him. He then the bullets flying back at them and then killing all of the humans. Then he said to the mechas, "From this day fourth, we'll be the one to rule the world, not the humans!"

Mecha-161 started by having the other 161 mechas being destroyed since he was the strongest one. 161 then ordered the rest of the army to kill the humans before they figured out their plans. 161 had then found out that Sgt. Cammando had already figured out that they were responsible for killing the human military. Sgt. Cammando had called out to Ultimo X, but he declined the offer to help him since he tried to get him locked up in the super-human jail.

Mecha-161 had been in much to get rid of the human military all over the wolrd that he ran into Cammando himself. But Cammando had no chance of winning since 161 had electricity and the force. 161 then tormented Cammando by knocking almost all of his teeth out, a broken leg and arm, and fractures ribs. Cammando was then chained on a wall and never fed, but he stayed alive. One day, the Archer had came and busted him out of the jail and defeating every Mecha in their path. Cammando was then treated for his wounds and fed. Then Cammando had set off to destroy what he made.

So far, Mecha-161 has been the most feared in the Universe.

Powers & Abilities

  • 161 is able to use the force and shoot any projectiles back at them.
  • Has the power to float and fly by just using his mind.
  • Has an laser eye. If fully charged, it could be as big Samus' Zero Laser.
  • Can project yellow circle over-shields at any time.
  • Can run over faster than a Cheetah.
  • A very skilled combat specialist.
  • One of the best 'ninjas' to ever exsist.
  • Is able to do electric powers similar to Cole MacGrath.
  • Can teleport faster that electricity.
  • Has an ultimate form which he is not able to be affected.
  • (Note : The only thing about Mecha-161 is that he runs out of power sometimes).

In Ultimo Fighter X

Battle Quotes

  • "This will be interesting."
  • "What an interesting fight!"
  • "You make me laugh."
  • "Play time's over!"
  • "Time to die!"
  • "Aauugghh!"
  • "My god..."
  • "Can this be more a fight?"


Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars

Ultimo X


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