Mega Man Battle Network X-1: Rise of Gideon, otherwise known as MMBNX1 or Roger (Rise of Gideon shortened is RoG: the spelling of Rog is a slang term for Roger: the game devs acknowledged it as Roger during development). The game refers to the player character Navi, Gideon, who has less strength than MegaMan himself but more maneuverability and in some weapons more pure power.

The game is a shooter-type with RPG elements and melee attack systems, complete with quick-time comboes. Taking place after the events of Battle Network 6, Rise of Gideon starts six months after the Cybeast incident: where a newcomer, Lance Taylor, ends up moving in, along with his friend, Navi, and partner-in-crime Gideon. Though they know about the world-famous Lan Hikari and his navi MegaMan they tend not to treat them as celebrities and instead treat them as normal people... but are they really who they say they are?


Roger's gameplay is starkly different from any other Battle Network game: instead of an overworld and a turn-based battle system, Rog eschews this in favor of a third-person combat style which takes place in both the real world and cyberspace. Gideon is able to selectively avoid overworld combat or indulge in it to his heart's desire: when there is real-world combat, Lance is able to pretty much do the same, though sometimes he is forced to kill enemies. As well, in a bone taken from Metal Gear Solid, at any point Lance/Gideon are allowed to use hand-to-hand strikes on enemies in a play-by-play fighting style. Co-operative gameplay allows players to play as a holographic double of Gideon/Lance's literal partner in crime, a soldier. When not in co-op, Gideon and Lance will still have their co-op partners: they will be AI-controlled, however.

On the subject of weapons, Lance can only carry three: one in his hands, one on his leg, and one on his back. Gideon can carry five BattleChips at once which he can seamlessly swap between. Gideon can also earn Zenny from killed enemies and at some points accomplished objectives, and his account is for him only.

The game shares slight RPG elements in the fact that each in-game character has six stats derived from the Mario & Luigi RPG series (along with a similar level-up system): Health Points, Support Points, Attack Power, Defensive Power, Speed, and Luckiness. Each of the stats works differently: Health Points track the maximum amount of HP Gideon/Lance are allowed to have at any one time. Gideon has slight HP-restoration but Lance can take more damage. When Gideon/Lance lose all of their HP, if they're in co-op then they'll get "knocked down". While Knocked Down they have more freedom: they can play dead, lean up and shoot back, or move around at the risk of losing more health. Their co-op partner needs to give them a Recovery chip/first-aid kit to get them up again. If they get Knocked Down three times in co-op, their partner does not save them in time, or they aren't in co-op in the first place, they will bleed out/be deleted, which results in a Game Over and an option to restart from the last save point. At some points, for large boss fights, Dimensonal Areas from the Axess anime will be used, blurring the lines between the real world and cyberspace. This allows for four-player co-op boss fights.

Support Points entail the Call of Duty-style system of support measures that can be used on operations: each support measure costs SP to bring in, which includes anything from precision airstrikes to internet Daisy Cutters and carpet bombings. SP slowly replenishes, though.

Attack Power mostly effects Gideon. Though Lance's power stat means he'll get a damage bonus for melee attacks, melee weapons, and CQC attacks. Gideon, however, is directly affected: all of his attacks depend on the power stat, from melees to chip attacks like the Minigun and the Needle Buster (no matter where you are, hitting somehow shows an RPG-like damage stat of how much of a hit they took). Defensive Power affects both of them: it determines the strength of the uniform Lance wears and thus his resistance to attacks, and it also determines Gideon's HP loss and recovery when he takes a hit.

Speed is EXTREMELY important for both of them: they both carry Stamina bars in addition to Health bars (for Gideon it's a Power Bar). Lance depends on his Stamina to sprint, vault over barrier, and perform CQC. He'll deplete half of his bar or what is reasonably safe: large breath-taking attacks or bad punches will knock off his Stamina until he rests. If Lance's Stamina bar drains completely, then he'll become knocked out and you'll need to wait for his STA bar to refill before he gets back up, during which he is vulnerable to attacks (but a good bullet will wake him up). Gideon's Speed stat determines how long his Power Bar (which allows him to boost forwards in superspeed or use jets to augment jumps) lasts: if his Power runs out he simply has to wait until it recharges.

Finally, Luckiness determines several things, critical of which is Crit factor. Characters in-game can score lucky Critical Hits on targets (Gideon is more likely to than Lance), which deal double damage to targets and makes them flinch. Once Luck hits a large enough level, Lance and Gideon can perform Instakill moves on certain targets (at the expense of half of Lance's stamina/half of Gideon's power) and get Ultra-Critical Hits (which deal x4 damage and stun targets). As well, an old MegaMan Battle Network attack, the Counter-Attack, is restored for online: if Gideon hits an enemy just as they're about to attack, they'll be stunned for a few seconds to allow Gideon to close in and finish the job.


A month after the events of MegaMan Battle Network 6, Lance is shown to be an unlucky teenaged warrior in an unidentified country's slums. His parents were murdered by the inhabitants of this country and took him as their "son". This serves as a tutorial for combat, where he is forced to fight others. However, during the gladiator fight, he finds a Stinger homing missile launcher and destroys the force field surrounding the arena, allowing himself an escape plan. He is captured, but applauded for his bravery and made a soldier in the military. In the meanwhile, a navi named Gideon is waiting to be partnered up with somebody, eventually finding himself with Lance. After distinguished service, and with weapons supplied by peacekeepers, he is forced to run away from the country as it collapses as he travels to Electopia.

Six months after Battle Network 6, AC/DC is the place where he ends up next: his adopted "family" ends up moving there. After finding out that he's apparently living next to where Lan Hikari lives, his response is "So I'm living next to the savior of the world. Boy, I'm going to have a sarcastic field day with him." In the meanwhile, Gideon tests his rickety busting skills by heading online and destroying some viruses, showing the tutorial for Internet combat. However, along the way he ends up finding a Neo World Three Navi: FireMan. Using maneuverability to his advantage along with his unique selection of chips, he eventually is hurt to the point where he duplicates a hologram of himself: teamwork tutorials abound. MegaMan makes it to the scene just in time to see Gideon QTE FireMan into deletion..

After meeting MegaMan and explaining where he comes from, MegaMan is semi-saddened, but Gideon replies, "I was built as a weapon. Frankly, I don't mind. I'm not even supposed to." After setting up a meeting point, Gideon leaves the Internet. Several days later, Lance meets with Lan and meets his ragtag group of friends, best described by his own description after meeting them; "We've got a couple with the man as dense as a rock, a snacker, a rich kid, and an ice kid. Hoo-ah, fun times." Gideon has his own words to say about the Navis: "The Savior of the Internet, who's smarter than his Op, a Navi with a tacklehugging addiction, an all-brawn-no-brains Donkey Kong, a polite butler-ish type, and a small icy superkid. Oh boy, what have I gotten myself into." At that point GutsMan challenges him to a fight, which he quite easily wins.

MegaMan, at that point chooses to question Gideon on why he deleted FireMan. Gideon's response is that he was terrorizing the public, he had the chips, "and I really wanted to test that new Autocannon chip out on something and he proved the right target". Lan and MegaMan suspect the rise of another World Three: Lance, who has already heard of it, simply facepalms and mutters, "Dumbasses don't know when to stay down after they're hit with the hammer." Lance eventually joins the Official NetBattler association and hears of another child soldier: he leads a short expedition to get him out which comprises his second mission. Co-op IRL gameplay tutorials follow as Lance escorts Brendan to an evacuation helicopter.

In the following days, Lance and Gideon work double-time with MegaMan and Lan, having moved into the guest room in Lan's house. They end up having several humorous adventures (Gideon being the target of an unaimed Roll tacklehug, or Gideon and Lance's solution to wake up Lan, which involves a bullhorn and Gideon's shouting) before meeting up with ProtoMan and Chaud Blaze. Chaud and ProtoMan immediately scrutinize Lance and Gideon. While Chaud respects Lance for what he's done, ProtoMan berates Gideon for his low strength, and this leads to a battle that MegaMan can't interrupt. Despite both Navi's best efforts, the match ends in a stalemate.

The main meat of the game follows, as Lance performs Electopian counter-terrorist busts and hostage rescues, and Gideon helps MegaMan and the rest of the Official NetBattlers eliminate Neo World Three viruses before figuring out that their plan went un-noticed behind the scenes: they were planning on building Rex, a large mechanized robot, to take over the real world before destroying the cyber world's servers. They construct Dimensional Areas to wreak havoc on AC/DC, which Lance and Gideon end up finding themselves working along with Brendan and Gideon's holodouble.

Eventually, thanks to solid intelligence gathering by Brendan, the six are able to face off against a prototype of Rex, which has to use four legs to move around. Despite this, Rex is still a very capable enemy, but it's only when they finish Rex off that they learn it was just a diversion: the real Rex is headed out for testing. Wondering where Neo World Three would get the money, after considering the extreme risks Lance sends Lan towards home, stating that "unfortunately, this job requires gunplay, something you can't do well, Lan."

Chasing Rex through most of the world, and destroying several mechanized vehicles, up to and including assault helicopters and main battle tanks, the quintet eventually finds themselves back at square one: their unfortunate home, where Rex is being tested. After Gideon and his double make their way through the endless amount of viruses and two Navis guarding Rex's area, then clearing Lance and Brendan to tear the entire base apart. However, by the time they get there, it turns out that Rex is already finished, and it screams before placing down a Dimensional Area.

Gritting their teeth, the two Gideons, Brendan, and Lance are forced into a godly fight, before Gideon works in tandem with his double to disable and restrain Rex, allowing Lance and Brendan a good shot at the core. Destroying the core, Rex begins to overload, and everyone escapes the facility and jumps on-board an evacuation helicopter.

From there the entire world is opened up to exploration, but not that many important plot points are shed. A bonus boss fight, one against Bass, is the last possible boss battle.


Weapons simply details the type of guns Lance is able to use. Though he starts with one (the Pistol), through a system of government contracts he can outfit himself with different weapons and weapon skins. He can also level-up weapons.


A standard Netopia-made Five-seveN handgun. Nothing much to look at, really. Starting weapon, 20 rounds per magazine.
Pistol Rank 2 - A standard Five-seveN equipped with a supressor. Costs 500 Zenny for upgrade.
Pistol Rank 3 - A not-so-standard-anymore Five-seveN with a supressor and a laser aiming module. Costs 1000 Zenny for upgrade.

Pistol Skins

M9 - A Creamland-made assault handgun.
USP .45 - A nice little Netopian-made forty-five calibre pistol.
Crossover Weapon: Sally - An Ameuropean M1911A1 handgun with the name "Sally" carved into the slide. (Unlocked by carrying a Call of Duty: Black Ops save file or by purchasing the "Black Ops Gun Pack".)
Crossover Weapon: Maria - An unidentified 9mm combat pistol which has Our Lady of Guadalupe carved into the handle. (Unlocked by carrying a Fallout: New Vegas save file or puirchasing the "New Vegas Gun Pack".)
Crossover Weapon: StA-18 - A combat pistol that uses a feed system similar to the PP-19 Bizon SMG to hold more ammo than usual. (Unlocked by carrying a Killzone 2 save file or by purchasing the "Killzone Gun Pack".)


A Netopian-made Desert Eagle firing potent high-caliber pistol rounds.
Magnum Rank 2 - A Desert Eagle equipped with a laser aiming module. Costs 500 Zenny for upgrade.
Magnum Rank 3 - A Desert Eagle which has been given a lengthened barrel and a low-powered scope, turning it into a sniper handgun.

Magnum Skins

AMT AutoMag V - A light Ameuropean high-caliber handgun.
LAR Grizzly Win Mag - An Ameuropean M1911 handgun, heavily modified to fire the .50 AE cartridge.
Crossover Weapon: Weathered N99 - An Ameuropean prototype handgun that has seen lots of action. Whatever it is, it looks VERY trustworthy. (Unlocked by carrying a Fallout: New Vegas save file or purchasing the "New Vegas Gun Pack".)
Crossover Weapon: M6G Magnum - A heavy Magnum handgun which looks like it was made for some sort of supersoldier to use. The camera was removed easily, revealing iron sights - oh well, good enough. (Unlocked by carrying a Halo: Reach save file or purchasing the "Reach Gun Pack").
Crossover Weapon: M4 Bull Stopper - A futuristic AutoMag-style handgun that earned the nickname "Bull Stopper" due to its virtue for the highest level of close range firepower. (Unlocked by carrying a Killzone 2 save file or purchasing the "Killzone Gun Pack".)


A good ol' Ameuropean Smith & Wesson 500 revolver, offering extreme damage in a revolving chamber package.
Revolver Rank 2 - The M500 here gets a longer nose, for longer range and higher damage.
Revolver Rank 3 - The M500 gets a speed loader, allowing for faster reloads.

Revolver Skins

Colt Python - Another Ameuropean classic, the Python is a recognized revolver.
Colt Single Action Army - An old Wild West style revolver, which used to have to be cocked to fire. But thanks to a timely upgrade, that isn't true any more.
Crossover Weapon: M4 Revolver - A rugged combat revolver that looks very up-to-date. Whoever the heck made this is a master of revolvers... but who cares, this looks ready to poke holes in people's faces. (Unlocked by carrying a Killzone 2 save file or purchasing the "Killzone Gun Pack".)

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