Megaman All-Star Force With Ghost 'n Goblins Street Fighter & Boktai Is A Anime Serie And Is Based On The Game With The Same Name

List Of Episodes

Season 1

Episode 1: The Beginning Episode 2: Electric Nightmare Episode 3: The Big Shake Episode 4: Mega-Pinocchio Episode 5: The Incredible Shrinking Mega Man Episode 6: Bot Transfer Episode 7: Ice Age Episode 8: Cold Steel Episode 9: Future Shock Episode 10: Robosaur Park Episode 11: The Strange Island Of Doctor Wily And The Gang Episode 12: The Mega Man In The Moon Episode 13: 20,000 leaks Under The Sea

Season 2

Episode 14: Campus Commandos Episode 15: The Day The Moon Fell Episode 16: Showdown At Red Gulch Episode 17: Terror of The Seven Seas Episode 18: Mega Dreams Episode 19: Robo Spider Episode 20: Master of Disaster Episode 21: Night of The Living Monster Bots Episode 22: Curse of The Lion Men Episode 23: Brain Bots Episode 24: Bro Bots Episode 25: Bad Day At Peril Park Episode 26: Maverick Madness

Season 3

Episode 27: Crime of The Century Episode 28: A Fake Vacation Episode 29: To Hades Or Not To Hades

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