For his evil Counterpart see Megatron

"Peace Will come to all cybertronians!"

Megatron was a young mathematician who lectured at a university in Polyhex. Because of this, he noticed a disturbing trend in the numbers: civil war was certain! His colleagues just called him crazy and laughed it off, but when the maniacal Optimus Prime and his evil army of Autobots took over Cybertron, Megatron had been waiting in the underground, forming a resistance movement to take back Cybertron and keep the Autobots from conquering the universe and plundering it, as they had done to Cybertron.

Heroic Megatron

Megatron turns into a Cybertronian aircraft and after recovering from battle damage from Optimus Prime he became a triple changer and takes the alternate modes as a powerful tank and an alien spaceship.

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