Men in Black IV is an 2014 science fiction action adventure comedy film, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld who directed the first three film, this film stars Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Ethan Hawke and Chris Tucker, it also stars Vince Vaughn, Alicia Silverstone, Ali Larter, Rosario Dawson, Nia Long, Emma Thompson, Christopher Walken and Jon Voight.


After he went to box, Agent J team up Universal 2 Kay and Jay to stop two alien to destroy both of the universe and to save his partner, Agent K before they eliminate him and destroy both of the universe.


The movies open with


  • Will Smith as James Darrell Edwards III/Agent J
  • Tommy Lee Jones as Kevin Brown/Agent K
  • Ethan Hawke as Universe 2 Kevin Brown/Agent K
  • Chris Tucker as Universe 2 James Darrell Edwards III/Agent J
  • Vince Vaughn as Vondris/A villain and a alien change to human.
  • Alicia Silverstone as Karmena/Vondris's girlfriend and henchwoman
  • Ali Larter as Universe 2 Agent O
  • Rosario Dawson as Laura Vasquez
  • Nia Long as Universe 2 Laura Vazquez
  • Emma Thompson as Agent O
  • Jon Voight as Agent V
  • Christopher Walken as Universe 2 Agent V


The opening scene

  • (Karmena walk)
  • (Door open)
  • Karmena: Vondris.
  • Vondris: Karmena.
  • Karmena: Somebody is here.
  • Vondris: Who.
  • Karmena: A agent.
  • Vondris: What his name.
  • Karmena: I don,t know, you in jail
  • Vondris: The box with the universe.
  • (Karmena hear somebody walk)
  • Vondris: Hello.
  • Karmena: You are after the box)
  • (Somebody shake his head that yes)
  • Karmena: Who are you.
  • Jay: My name is Agent Jay.
  • Vondris: You.
  • Jay: Nobody know about that and I look for a box with the universe.
  • Vondris: Get him.
  • (Karmena shot with her space gun but miss at Jay 5 time)
  • Jay: Nice gun, Karmena, hello Vondris.
  • Kay: Hey, Karmena, Vondris.
  • Vondris: Kay.
  • Kay: Thank you for the box.
  • Karmena: Hey.
  • (Kay grab the box and Kay and Jay run)
  • Vondris: Get them, wait, let me.
  • (Karmena get Vondris out of the jail)
  • Jay: That was good idea go in jail.
  • Jay: How we get here.
  • Kay: Somebody take us.
  • Kay: Yes.
  • Jay: Great, how we get back to earth.
  • Kay: I got a idea.
  • Kay: Come on.
  • (Jay and Kay run)

Jay went to the box and see what it is after break Kay's promise and end up take away by different men in black

  • Jay: I can,t sleep.
  • Jay: Midnight.
  • Jay: I go to the box, I can,t break Kay's promise.
  • Jay: Only about a mintues.
  • (Jay put his suit and his gun)
  • Jay: I hide my gun from Kay.
  • (Jay open the box)
  • Jay: OK.
  • (Jay take his 2 space gun and neuralyzer)
  • (Jay jump inside the box)
  • (Jay scream)
  • (Jay fall and groan)
  • Jay: My head.
  • (Car driving fast)
  • Jay: Wowa.
  • Universal 2 Kay: Who the hell are you.
  • Jay: My name is James.
  • Universal 2 Kay: My name is Kay, this is Jay.
  • Jay: JAY.
  • Universal 2 Jay: Who is this.
  • Jay: My name is Jay.
  • Universal 2 Kay: You said your name is James.
  • Jay: No.
  • Universal 2 Kay: Your name is Jay.
  • Jay: Where I am.

Main Cast Gallery


109 mins

Some strong language, violence and flashing images

PG certifcate

It will be distributed by Columbia Pictures


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