Mephiles the Dark
Name Mephiles the Dark
First Appearance Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
Species Demon
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) None

Mephiles the Dark is a shadow of a hedgehog named Shadow from Sonic 06.

History Edit

Mephiles the Dark was created in the Soleanna laboratory 5 years ago in an experiment gone horribly wrong. He was created alongside Iblis in an explosion that killed the Duke of Soleanna. He was revived through the shadow of Shadow the Hedgehog and sent him to the far future. Shadow fights him once, and then Omega finishes him off. He was able to create clones of himself during the fight and was actually a confusing fight. Shadow goes into the past and seals him with the Scepter of Darkness. In the far future, he looks very similar to Shadow except with pale blue streaks instead of red and no mouth. He tricked Silver into trying to kill Sonic, accusing him of being "The Iblis Trigger." He only wanted Silver to kill him so that Princess Elise would release the Flames of Disaster and become Solaris, the sun god. Later, he killed Sonic by impaling him through the heart with a dark chaos lance. Elise cried and released the flames of disaster, allowing him to become Solaris. Sonic, Shadow, and Silver then fight him and defeat him, and as such, the timeline gets erased.

In Fanonified Fighting Arena Edit

Mephiles the Dark has fought twice in the arena so far, both victories were impressive. First, he defeated Zeus from God of War, and then he defeated Darth Krayt. He is going to go against Mewtwo in the next round as part of the anniversary of The Fanonified fighting arena. He has not lost yet, a title shared only by few.

Combatants Mephiles the Dark has fought against Edit

Yes = Mephiles the Dark won

No = Mephiles the Dark lost

Results Edit

Wins: 2

Losses: 0

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