Meta Knight

Meta Knight

Meta Knight, is Kirby's rival, who wishes to take over Dream Land. Though he despises Kirby, he will often be his ally. Meta Knight hates the lazy attitude of the inhabitants and wishes to put an end to it. He is also the owner of the ariel battleship the Halberd. He will do anything to stop the evil Nightmare from spreading nightmares. Meta Knight is also the owner of the magical sword, the Galaxia.

Protecting the Star Rod.

When King Dedede gave the six peices of the Star Rod to his allies, Meta Knight got a piece. When Kirby came looking for it, Meta Knight sent out his minoins to fight Kirby. After kirby defeated the minions Meta Knight attacked Kirby. Using his sword he was able to injure Kirby. Meta Knight was prepared to kill him when Kirby inhaled him and spat him out. Meta Knight followed Kirby to the Halberd and fought him. Meta Knight stuck Kirby in a cannon and shot him to Dream land, then drove the Halberd to dream land.

The New King

Meta Knight made his way to King Dedede's castle to fight. He fought all of King Dedede's minoins and found Dedede. Meta Knight fought the King, who ran out of the castle. Meta Knight followed, only to find King Dedede in a tank. The tank fired Waddle dees at Meta Knight but he destroyed the tank. Meta Knight took control of Dreamland after Dedede was dead. He began ordering the citizens to do work and not be lazy. Kirby was determined to fight and defeat Meta Knight.

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