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The Metalix Metal Music Awards, or MMMAs as they are commonly abbreviated, are an awards show for metal music founded by Metalix, a metal magazine. The first show aired in 2002, and has gone on since. The show originally timed in at 35 minutes, but has lengthened to 60 with the inclusion of more categories over the years.


Producer and editor of Metalix, created itself in 1999,Joseph van Steiben had been working on some sort of other project aside from the magazine. In 2002 he launched MMMAs sucessfully, and hosted them himself. van Steiben handed hosting role over in 2003 to James Hetfield of Metallica, and concentrated on Metalix and its issues. He unfortunately died in 2005 from unknown causes, although he was a chronic asthmatic, and Metalix was handed over to his 26 year old son Luke van Steiben. Luke took control of Metalix and the MMMAs and promised they would not loose the "Joe van Steiben" charm.

Metalix Metal Music Awards 2002Edit

The very first MMMAs were held at the BloodBowl in New York on the 8th of October 2002; hosted by Metalix founder Joseph van Steiben. Appearances were made by Jack "Red" Simpson of Rokhello and Exorcismic and Vinnie MacArthur of Townsend Sacrifice. Rokhello and Lacerator performed; and Townsend Sacrifice won Album of the Year and Artist of the Year while Death Flower won Breakthrough Band. The categories were:

Album of the YearEdit

Breakthrough BandEdit

  • Death Flower
    • Metroid
    • Lacerator
    • Angella

Artist of the YearEdit

  • Townsend Sacrifice
    • Rokhello
    • Lacerator
    • Death Flower

Metalix Metal Music Awards 2003Edit

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