Metric Murders is a 2017 American Crime Thriller film written Jonás Cuarón and directed by Alfonso Cuarón.

It concerns a killer whom plans to ritualistically murder 10 individuals and brand them with 10 numbers whilest dealing with the interventions of an ex detective and young current detective.

It stars Harrison Ford, Daniel M. Hasan, Seth Rogen, Ryan Reynolds, Rhys Wakefield, Woody Harrelson and James McAvoy.


A killer begins murdering people and fashioning them with numbers planning to make a bodycount of 10 to mark off the 10 numbers.

A hard working ex detective and his young son align with a young detective to catch the killer.


  • Harrison Ford as Ex Detective Timothy Jeanos
  • Daniel M. Hasan as Caston Jeanos
  • Seth Rogen as Detective Limos
  • Rhys Wakefield as Detective Balldos
  • Nina Dobrev as 1/ Kelly Moss
  • Ryan Reynolds as the Killer
  • James McAvoy as 2/ Harvey Kleinmann
  • Chelsea Kane as 4/ Eden Diamos
  • Woody Harrelson as 3/ Charlington Vix
  • Jon Heder as 5/ Weston Martin
  • Madeline Carroll as 6/ Cynthia Martin

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