Michael Bullshit

Born June 16th 1982
Died November 3rd 2008
Clubs Brighton 1999-2003, Manchester United 2003-2008
Kit No. 27
Position Centre Attacking Midfield


Michael Bullshit was born in England in a town named Plymouth on the 16th of June 1982. When he was the age of four his parents divorced; him and his mother moved to South London. Micheal found the divorce and rough child hood very emotional and hard, this cause behaviour problems, after getting aressted and charged for robbery and assault in court Micheals mother sent him to live at cornwall boarding school in the town of cornwall, britan. At this school micheal was elected to be captain of the cornwall soccer team he played for them for three years winning one championship, he was spotted by a scout and started to play for the brighton U21s team although he suffered an injury lasting eighth months. The club decided to give him a trial twelve moths aftert the accident but he did not make the team. After other teams did not show much interest in Michael decided to quit his dream of playing soccer profesionaly and go to university and study law although micheal still trained hard at soccer for four years during his university course. At this time he was very poor and his mother was paying for his university fees he was living in a crappy apartment and was in huge depth. Micheal joined a local soccer club during these years and he was chosen for the reseve teams at totemham where he worked his way up to manchestar united

He succeecded in being picked and earning a four year contract he became the teams star player and in 2003 he left Brighton to become a reserve for Manchester United.

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On November 3rd 2008 Michael was found dead in his car in East Manchester. Police recorded it as a drug overdose and to much alchol he had also had gambling problems and owned some gangs alot of money.

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