The terror of Michael Myers began on October 31, 1963, when six-year-old Michael donned a child's clown mask and murdered his seventeen-year-old sister, Judith, in cold blood. The boy was taken to the Smith's Grove sanitarium in Warren County, Illinois, where he remained for the next fifteen years. On October 30, 1978, Michael escaped and returned to his hometown of Haddonfield to hunt down and kill his younger sister, Laurie.

Michael killed many of Laurie's friends but failed to kill her. His psychiatrist, Dr. Loomis, entrapped him in an explosion but was badly wounded in the fire. Michael was hurled into a coma, in which he remained for 10 years; during which time, his sister Laurie died. However, she was survived by her daughter, Jamie.

Michael woke up from his coma on October 31, 1988 and immediately headed for Haddonfield to kill his niece. Once again, he was pursued by Dr. Sam Loomis, but he still managed to kill many more natives of Haddonfield. Aided by Dr. Loomis, Jamie and her family eluded Michael, and he was wounded by shotgun blasts and blown down a well.

Unsurprisingly, Michael did not die in 1988. After his fall into the well, he drifted into a river and was found and cared for by a blind man. During this time, Michael was catatonic, but a year later on Halloween, Michael sat up, killed the blind man, and headed back to Haddonfield.

Intent on murdering his niece, he killed many more people as he carved a path toward her. Unfortunately for Michael, Dr. Loomis suspected his return and was ready for him. This time, Loomis did not attempt to kill Michael but rather capture him. With Jamie as bait, Loomis lured Michael into a steel net, and he was subsequently taken by the police to the station for holding. But an unknown assailant killed the officers and freed Myers, who then disappeared, as did young Jamie.

For six years, Michael Myers and Jamie Lloyd remained missing. On October 30, 1995, Jamie, who had been held with her newborn son by an evil witch cult, escaped. Outraged, the cult sent Michael after her. She was found and slaughtered, but not before she hid her child.

The cult, secretly led by the infamous Dr. Wynn (head of the Smith's Grove sanitarium), recovered the child. Michael returned to the cult, but not as a servant as they believed. He proceeded to kill the entire cult and attempted to kill the child as well, but he was stopped by Dr. Loomis and Tommy Doyle. However, when Loomis returned to finish Michael off, he had once again disappeared.

For the next three years, Michael again remained hidden until he discovered that his sister Laurie Strode had faked her death and now lived in California under the name Keri Tate. Michael went after her and her seventeen-year-old son.

Laurie, without the protection of Dr. Loomis, had to face Michael alone for the first time. She managed to pin Michael beneath a van and decapitated him with a fire axe. Michael Myers is presumed dead.

What could drive a young boy to become a relentless psychotic killer? In truth, Michael is not psychotic but is rather the victim of the Curse of Thorn: an ancient Samhain ritual of the Celts in which a boy was chosen to sacrifice his family to Arawn, the god of death. This sacrifice, insured that the rest of the village was spared the wrath of the dark god. The practice was forgotten by man, but not by the dark entity known as Arawn. Through the centuries, young men have suddenly gone "crazy" on the night of the Samhain and killed their families. Myers is the latest victim of the bloodthirsty Celtic god of death.

Because Michael Myers has become a living shell for the dark power of Arawn, his entire family must die before he can rest in peace. He will continue to pursue any relatives until his bloodline has ended. He will not stop, ever.

As terrifying and powerful as this makes Michael, he is not without his limits. He can be wounded and he can be "killed". However, mortal wounds simply cause him to go catatonic until the proper time for him to rise again. On Halloween nights on which a specific constellation appears in the sky, Michael is healed of all infirmaries and revitalized to complete his mission. It is unknown if age will ever affect him.

Michael Myers is a dark entity empowered by a malevolent Bane known as Arawn. In the times of the Celts, Arawn was worshipped as a god of death. Since that time, the powers of the Bane have waned, but not his desire for blood.

Arawn has the ability to empower a single human with his essence once per year. This person must then murder his family for the glory of Arawn. He is no longer in control, being subsumed by the mental domination of the Bane. At times, a possessed person has moments when Arawn is not in control; however, these moments are rare and very brief.

Arawn delights in death and terror and enjoys hunting and killing the friends of his prey before going after them directly. While this makes him terrifying, it is also a weakness that has allowed many victims to escape him. Unfortunately for Arawn, once he chooses a host, he remains tied to that host until his mission is complete. This effectively makes his hosts immortal until the death of their entire families.

Arawn always possesses males, but it is not known if this is by choice or necessity. A host does not have to be a child, but the sadistic Arawn prefers children.

Arawn only has the power to possess a host on Halloween nights in which his symbol appears as a constellation. If Arawn has no host on such a night, he chooses a young boy to possess. The child is then a pawn to his will and begins killing his family members. If all of his family is not killed, the boy will continue to make the attempt each Halloween in which the constellation is in the sky.

A host of Arawn possesses greatly enhanced stamina, being able to withstand tremendous punishment. If too much damage is inflicted, the host will go catatonic until the next appropriate Samhain. At this time, all wounds suffered are healed and the host is at the height of its power. This does not occur on every Halloween, and it can be decades between each possession. There have been times in which the dark Samhain occurred in consecutive years.

It is not known if a host can be permanently killed. Arawn's current host, Michael Myers, was decapitated by his sister in 1998. It is impossible to determine if this released Michael from the curse or if he will rise again upon the next Samhain. If Myers is truly dead, a new family will soon be victim to the bloodlust of the dark Bane.

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