Michael Joseph Serea (born March 18, 1983 in Brooklyn, New York) is a songwriter and the lead singer of the band Red Rose For Ruby (band), from Melbourne, Australia.

Personal life

Michael Joseph Serea was born on the 18th of March 1983 to Joseph Giovanni Serea, a carpenter of Italian decent, and Mary Roberts, a teacher. He was the second of three children, and has an older brother and younger sister. When he was seven his family moved to Melbourne, and Serea began to learn the guitar and vocals. By age 17 he was a avid fan of Metallica and Black Sabbath. In 2008 Serea married his long time girlfriend Jessica Carlisle. Two songs from the untitled third album, as reported by Serea, are about his wife and his late father. In early of this year Serea's wife gave birth to their first child Sara Mary Serea on the 15th of January 2009. Serea has taken time off from working on the third album to spend time with his family, but told that he works on lyrics not only in the studio and with the other band members.

Musical career

Serea met Kayne Williams, Jake Bordeau and Josh Baker at a local music scene in 2004. After hearing Serea play guitar and sing, they recruited him as singer but not guitarist, although Serea has played guitar on some of Red Rose For Ruby (band)'s songs. The band, then called Hellfire released an EP in 2004, titled Black Storm. It did as much as make the band known in the local scene. In late 2004 Bordeau was driving in Melbourne on the wet road when his car skidded and collided with another. He and the other driver both died in the accident. Serea and the others decided to drop the name Hellfire to honour Bordeau's memory, as he was the one who had chosen it. In early 2005 they began to search for a new guitarist, with the back-up plan of Serea going on to play guitar and cover vocals as well. They eventually found a replacement, Adriana Cassidy and she officially joined the band in 2006.



Black Storm- EP (2004)

Red Rose For Ruby

Burying My Beloved (2007)

The Walls of the Insanity (2009)

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