Midair Stadium
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Appears in SSBB
Playable Character(s) Mario, Kirby, Master Chief, and Mega Man X
Home stage to None
Availability Rise of an Unleashed Army and Subspace Emissary only

Midair Stadium is the second stage in Rise of an Unleashed Army for Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars.

The stage starts with a short movie zooming right and left in Midair Stadium, then zooming out slightly to show it is Midair Stadium. You can obviously see small actors, Kirby and Mario, who will start the first battle, come in. Then the camera will zoom in and you will pick a character to battle with. Shortly after the battle loads you must defeat the character you did not pick. Then the same thing happens, but with Master Chief and Mega Man X. Ten seconds after that battle starts, though, a cutscene will interrupt the two fighters. Demons pour in, and you must pick one of four as Mario and Kirby rush in beside them.

Then, the player must defeat demons for three minutes, before mega-demons come in. Ten seconds later the battle automatically ends with Kirby taking the rest of the fighters away on a Warp Star.

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