Mimi Mone's revenge takes place afer the events The Season of Lauren Malloy. Mimi Mone vows revenge for Lauren Malloy trying to kill her. Lauren never gives up and Mimi and Lauren decides to kill each other and kill some people. Who can stop them?. Ethan found out he is Hayley Mitchell's father.




  • Gary Sinise as Detective Frank Nightingale
  • Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott
  • Georgie Henley as Hayley McDonald/Lauren Malloy
  • Emma Bell as Cami Watson/Mimi Mone
  • J.C. Brandy as Brooke McDonald
  • Caitlin Carmichael as Hayley Mitchell
  • Matthew Knight as Ethan Carsia
  • Amber Heard as Jessica Mitchell
  • Ellen Wroe as Brianna Albertson
  • Daniel Dae Kim as Detective Tommy Kehoe
  • Sophia Bush as Colleen Matthews


Det. Frank Nightingale

Sidney Prescott

Hayley McDonald

Cami Watson

Brooke McDonald

Hayley Mitchell

Ethan Carsia

Jessica Mitchell

Brianna Albertson

Det. Tommy Kehoe

Colleen Matthews


Lauren Malloy-She

Mimi Mone-She



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