Vital Stats

Sex: Female

Hair Colour: Ranging from sandy blond to light brown
Eye Colour: blue-grey
Height: 5"6
Physical Apperance: wears glasses, has a very curvy figure, real muscular, called "The Yavin Dathomirian"
Homeworld: Yavin Four in the Yavin Prime Dimesion
Weapon(s) of choice: Lightsaber (purple blade), blaster pistol, Smith and Wesson 1056 (9mm rounds)
Vehicle of choice: Intergalactic wormhole, Corellian Stock light freighter the Silver Phoenix, needs to get her driver's lisense


Mina Skywalker was born in a dimension where Star Wars really happened. The only difference was Luke Skywalker had a girlfriend named Leyta Kenobi, who became pregnant shortly after the Rebellion. Luke and Leyta married, had a boy named Ben, then, eight years later, five years after the Battle of Endor, she had Mina.

Mina grew up mostly on Yavin Four, the alternate earth in her dimension (In Mina's dimension Yavin Four and Coruscant are both Earth alternates. You can end up on either of them while sliding to Mina's dimension.)

Mina friends included her cousins, Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo, the Wookiee Lowbacca and the Dathomirian warrior Tenel Ka. But her most mysterious friend was the handy man's adopted daughter, Shen Ra, a Corellian abandoned at birth. She stayed at the academy with her adopted father, Peckum, but she had no Force abilities.

Mina's mother started to teach Mina the ways of the Force at a very young age. By the time she was ten she was nearly a Jedi Knight. At eleven Mina started to travel to different planets, yearning to get away from what she felt was a dull life, just as her father had fourteen years earlier. Mina eventually returned to Yavin Four, with a vaster knowledge of her galaxy, and a tough shell to cover up the emotional turmoil she went through in life. Being conceived during an emotional time (Luke had just found out Vader was his father) and raised in a time of such trouble in the New Republic Mina had the repercussions of this turmoil.

When Mina returned she met two brothers named Alex and Daren Starkiller, fraternal twin brothers. Unbeknowst Mina and the others at the academy Alex and Daren were the Emperor's sons. Daren was nothing like his father and was a light side user, who had a huge crush on Mina, but Mina never knew, and even if she did, thought of him as a "big brother". Alex too had a crush on Mina, but he was a Dark Force user and put a spell on Mina to make her fall in love with him. Shen Ra had a thing for both Daren and Alex, despite the fact she was the only one who knew Alex's secret. And she was jealous of the fact that Mina had both after her. In reality Mina hated Alex, but under his spell she was his slave.

Alex never "got" Mina (she is still a virgin in USM, despite a close call with Justin Warren) Mina eventually broke the spell, and the night she did Alex tried to rape her. Hearing Mina and Alex fist- fighting, Han, Luke and Daren stopped the fight and drove Alex of Yavin Four. Daren would have put a move on Mina then, but she left in a huff. It was the last time he saw her. As the next day she went Sliding.

The month Mina came back to Yavin Four her and her cousin, Jaina, started to work on an interdimensional travelling device. They had finally perfected it the day Mina broke Alex's spell. Mina and Shen Ra decided to test it. Mina set the timer so they would random slide. Thought she always had their home coordinates, Mina didn't want to go home. On one world Mina and Shen Ra ran into an evil race of apes, called Kromaggs. Mina escaped, but not before getting implaneted with a tracking device. Mina thought Shen Ra had been killed, little she know, Shen Ra started to work for the Kromaggs as the evil Mary, an English version of her Corellian name.

Mina kept on Sliding and slid to an earth and meet a 22 year old man named Maximilian Arturo, nicknamed The Wrong Arturo, or WA as Mina affectionately called him. He had been working on sliding for a year, but had never tried it. Arturo and Mina became good friends, Mina became like a younger sister to him. Mina also met another Slider named Lisa. She was the adopted daughter of Kromaggs from an earth where Kromaggs and humans lived in harmony. Lisa slid from WA's earth only hours before Mina. But before Mina had the chance to slide the Kromagg dynasty found her and her and Arturo were captured. Before they were captured WA used a holographic belt to disguise himself as a woman he knew named Lexie. Mina made several close friends during her time on the Kromagg's base on Earth 113. There was a real Lexie, a woman named Shelbs, an older woman named Gemmin, aka "Mom" and of course "Lexie2". Mina was the youngest out of all of her friends, and was look on as a little sister, especially by WA.

While captured by the Kromaggs the dynasty decided, with help from "Mary", to experiment on Mina. They implanet the spirit of a dead Kromagg named Fe'grin in her mind. Mina lost control of her body and barly kept control of her mind. When her friends escaped, she was sent as the assasin to kill them.

Mina got more control of her mind as time when by. She even went as far to break off her connections to the Kromaggs by shooting her communicator with her gun. Mina tried to kill herself, having her tough exterior broken and becoming a soft, emotional teenager. Mina was stopped by WA, and the two fell into comas, induced by the man named Spindoctor. While in the coma Mina was almost defeated by the Kromaggs. She would have died if the Shambala knight named Justin Warren hadn't saved her.

Mina finally met Justin in person, after speaking to him through the Force. Mina thought she was in love with Justin, but tried to bury her feelings, afraid to get hurt again. She even lied about Alex, so he wouldn't think she was weak, getting almost raped and being saved by her father, her uncle and her friend. Mina kissed Justin, but told herself it was an impetious act, and meant nothing. After their second kiss Mina changed her mind. And finally told Justin she loved him whens he was almost killed by the Kromagg, Jke'Gad. Mina found out Justin loved her too.

The two decided to "go steady", but their happiness, and victory against the Kromaggs, was short lived, ad Alex Starkiller showed up, wanting Mina back. MIna refused and Alex beat her up. Alex worked with Justin's brother, Jason, who had turned to the Dark Side years earlier. Mina was kidnapped by Alex, Jasoand resurrected the Jke'Gad. Justin and the others. Along with the new Rifters, Nekka Mallory and Conrad Bennish, Jr. Mina and Justin are almost killed by Alex, but Jason saved them, and himself, by throwing Alex down a pit, killing him forever.

Mina slide with the other Rifters. And once, on a rescue mission to Earth 113 she was mind raped by Bob the Kromagg. He found out her every thought. After it was all over Mina was so traumatized she almost slept with Justin. But he didn't want to sleep with her just yet and she passed out. He mearly suggested the thought into her head. v Thought they wouldn't admit it, and nobody noticed Mina and Justin's relationship wasn't working. In an attempt to say together Mina and Justin ended up getting engaged. Around the same time Jaina Solo moved in with the Rifters. Jaina did not stay with the group long, as she and Jason Warren went to Coruscant Prime to help in the war against the Kromaggs.

It was at this time that Mina and Justin realized their relationship wasn't working. They finally told each other, and broke up. They are still friends.

After Mina and Justin broke up Mina's friend Lisa arrived on Earth Prime. Lisa had been sliding for a while, and wanted to help the Rifters in their fight against the Kromaggs. Lisa and Mina became even closer than they had been before and were like sisters.

At the time Lisa met up with Mina a strange wormhole opened and dropped four men in their twenties right in front of Mina and Lisa. It was Mike Nesmith, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork and Davy Jones, otherwise known as the Monkees. The earth they were from they were the personality off of the tv show, living through the different episodes as their life. Mina and Lisa had both become Monkees fans during their sliding days and Mike had taken an interest in Mina. Now that she that she was free from commitment with Justin, Mina decided to start dating Mike. Mike was fully aware of Sliding and the world he was from. He likes Mina, and hopes the relationship can go farther. Mina wishes the same, but is going slowly, as not to make to same mistake as she did with Justin.

The person behind Mina Skywalker

Mina-Clare Moseley is much like her USM persona. She loves adventure, is incredibly emotional, but can hold her own when it comes to standing up to people. Mina has lots of friends in real life, and has introduced several to USM, including Lisa.

Mina is 14 years old, lives in Uxbridge, Ontario and is in (some of the time) ninth grade at Uxbridge Secondary. She loves the internet, Sliders, The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Beatles.

Mina Skywalker's love of the Monkees and Mike Nesmith holds true in real life. Mina has the nickname "Nezwalker" (Nesmith and Skywalker) and would love to meet the Monkees someday. Mina wishes she could slide sometimes...... Maybe she'd be able to meet a real 20ish Mike double somewhere in the multiverse!

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