Mind is an horror novel that features the friends characters.Monica finds an shocking secret from Richard Burke,Who is trying to take over the world.When no one believes her,Monica is shocked to find out Richard has sent the country in pannic over an disease that is not real,And they have all to take their medicene,Which takes control over their body.Monica and the gang try to escape from the country,Hopeing to prove the world what was going on.

One: Finding Out

Monica Bing looked at her novel,And then at the window.The weekend was going to be sunny,So she and her husband Chandler can take an romantic break from the world.She was writeing an novel about romance.She was encouraged by Nora,Chandler's mother.She had became rich when she released her first book,Sunny Rich.

"Morning dear",Chandler walked up to Monica and kissed her on the head."Morning",Monica looked up at her husband.She had met Chandler through her brother Ross,And the two instantly fell in love.

"Rach came to talk about something",Chandler just said when he sat down on the bed."Okay",Monica kissed him on the head and walked out of the bedroom.She saw Rachel sitting on the sofa,Crying.

"What's wrong Rachel",Monica worridly asked."It's Joey,He said things weren't working out",Rachel bursted into another fits of tears."It's okay",Monica patted Rachel on the shoulder.She and Joey met when she became an actress on "Days of out lifes",And she was Drake's lover,And their first kiss on screen,Made them to date each other.

"Maybe,Joey is not the one",Monica tried to convince her best friend."Well,Who is",Rachel bursted into another fits of tears."Anyway,I have to go to work.Chandler would take care of you",Monica hugged her best friend and grabbed her coat and handbag.

Monica walked out of the apartment and shut the door.She saw Joey walking otu of his apartment."She told you",Joey looked down."Why is it not working out",Monica asked."Because,She deserves so much better",And Joey went back to his apartment and slammed the door.

Monica looked at apartment 19.Monica felt an odd fealing something was not right,But she ignored it and left the building.Monica hailed for an cab and she managed to get one."Take me to Marple street",Monica looked at her apartment and saw Chandler smileing at her.

When they got there,Monica gave the driver an 20 pound note and opened the door.She got out and shut the door.Monica looked at the builiding and shuddered.She had to go here.Richard Burke was not an patient man.

Monica ran to the elevator when the door was about to shut,And managed to get in.She looked around and saw an woman the same age as her.It was Jane."Hey,Jane",Monica put an fake smile on her face.

"Hello",Jane did the same.When the door opened,Both woman stepped out and toke their separate ways.Monica walked up to Richard's office and she heard him talking to someone."How do we get it in her coffee",Richard talked to the bald old man.

"We just put the small drug in the coffee.She will drink and then,Next day,The drug will control her",The man replyed matter of factly."Isn't she going to taste it",Richard asked."No,Because when drinking it,It would taste just like coffee".

Monica then knocked the door and Richard answered."Hello,Mr.Burke",Monica smiled."Hello,Mrs.Bing",Richard showed her to her seat."This is Nick Stone",Nick shaked Monica's hand."Hello",Monica smiled.

Just then,Richard started pouring coffee."Jane said she needed this",Richard excused himself and walked out of the office.Monica then had an stange feeling in her stomache.Jane would be the one who drinks that drug.

Two: Insane

Monica walked out of the building,Looking tired.She had tried to stop Jane drinking the coffee,But Jane had already drank it.Monica managed her way back home and opened her apartment door.

"Rachel,Chandler",Monica shouted out.She saw Rachel sleaping.Monica smiled at her childhood friend.She then remembered about Richard and she dropped her bag in the table.She grabbed her phone from the pocket and dialed Chandler's number.

"Chandler,I think my boss is up to something",Monica talked fastly onto the phone."What",Chandler asked."Richard,Nick,Come here",Monica nearly passed out.There was something going wrong.She knew it.

"Mon,You are talking crazy",Chandler tried to calm Monica down,While picking up his papers."Just come",Monica fell down and bursted out crying,While holding the phone.Rachel woke up due to the tears and got up.

"Mon,What's wrong",Rachel asked."My boss.He is up to something.He drugged Jane and",Monica bursted out crying.She wished she could help her for what ever happened."Lisiten,You are under stress",Rachel tried like Chandler,But Monica never calmed down.

"I'm phoneing Ross",Monica ran out of the apartment and was running down the stairs,While trying to phone Ross."Answer,Answer",Monica then let go of the phone accidently,Shattering in peices.

Monica fell down and bursted out crying.She knew Rachel had an lot on her plate,And now she was worried where Monica was.Just then,Monica heard an large noise outside.Monica slowly walked up to the doors,And opened it.

An truck had crashed into Central Perk,And screams were heard."Help me",Someone screamed.Monica felt like she was going to pass out.Monica slowly walked up the truck,But failed to notice an man entering the apartment.

Meanwhile,Rachel was watching the television.She had tried to phone Monica,But to no avail.Just then,An news flash came up,Reading The Cough Disease."Oh my god",Rachel cried out.Just then,The man from outside entered the apartment and looked at her.Rachel turned around and screamed.

Three: Joey?

Monica heard the scream,So did another couple of residents.Monica ran straight to her apartment,And saw the man with the butcher knife."Hey",Monica shouted.The man turned around,And looked at Monica.

Rachel fell down the couch and crawled away to the tv,In an state of shock.Monica then walked backwards and the man slowly walked to her."Mon",Rachel shouted and she threw an bowl at the man.

The man turned around and walked to her.Monica ran up to the man and pushed him down.The man hit his head,Making him unconscious."Oh my god",Rachel cried out."Help me",Monica said as she grabbed on the legs.

"What",Rachel asked."Help me",Monica replyed."Okay",Rachel cried as she helped Monica put the body in the bathroom.Monica ran up to the table and pushed it against the door."Where is Chandler,Joey,Ross and Phoebe",Monica asked Rachel.

"Phoebe is getting some medicene for that bug thing,Ross is at his high school,Chandler is at work and Joey,Is in the apartment",Rachel bursted out in tears when she thought about Joey.Monica walked up to apartment 19 and knocked on the door.

The door opened and there was Joey,Who looked like he was crying all day."We need to get out of here",Monica said to him."What",Joey asked her confused."Richard has done something,We need to get the others",She pulled Joey out of the apartment.

"Who's got the nearest transport",Monica asked both."Me",Rachel looked down as Joey said that."We need to save Phoebe first,Befour she gets infected",Monica was walking down the hall,When she relised Joey was not coming."Come on",Monica shouted at Joey.

"No,Until you tell me what is wrong",Joey asked in shock."People are getting infected",Was all Monica could say."If you don't want to come,I understand",Monica glared at him."Okay",Joey walked with them as they walked out of the building,And they saw a couple of men killing an woman.

Four: Hospital

Joey drove off as everyone was silent.They had managed to sneak to the car,And was forced to kill an infected woman.Rachel and Monica were the only ones to notice the horrors going on.They noticed an pub on fire and an man and woman jumping off the building."Oh my god",Whispered Rachel.Just then,An car drove straight in front of them.Joey tried his best to stay out of the way,And the car missed them by seconds.

Joey stopped the car when he relised they were out of gas."Look,Is that not the hospital",Rachel pointed out.Stone Hospital,The hospital named after Nick Stone.Monica then relised that Nick and Richard built a new hospital for the infecton.

"We need to hurry",Monica got out and slammed the door.Rachel got out and then Joey."We need to get something,So we can defend ourselfs",Monica was looking all over for an weapon.An man looked around at them.He moaned at them and ran right up to them.

"Help",Rachel was tackled by the man and he was aptempting to strangle her."Hey",Joey said and the man looked at him.Joey quickly kicked him in the face,Which made the man fall down.The man got up and chased Monica.Monica quickly opened the car door and got inside the car.The man got in and Monica tried to open the drivers door.Joey shut the other door and Rachel opened the driver's door."Come on",Rachel grabbed onto Monica's hand and she shut the door,Locking the man inside.

"We need to get going",Monica said and she led them to the hospital.

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