Mind-Set is a 2000 American Supernatural Slasher horror film written by Silvio Horta and directed by Ian Softley.

It stars Alyssa Milano, Sally Hawkins, Ion Overman, Rachel Blanchard, Lena Headey, Scott Caan, Charlie Day, Robin Dunne, Will Friedle, Missi Pyle, David Carradine and Anna Friel.

It is distributed by Columbia Pictures and Village Roadshaw Pictures.

Mind-Set is rated R for Strong bloody violence and gore, some sexual content and language.


A group of dream troubled University Youths are picked off by a maniacal man whom they all dream about shortly before their deaths.


  • Sally Hawkins as Cassie Morianis
  • Ion Overman as Reece Spoon
  • Rachel Blanchard as Julia Kellan
  • Lena Headey as Jordi Avonery
  • Scott Caan as Phillip Winchox
  • Charlie Day as Casper Clarkson
  • Robin Dunne as Patrick Simon
  • Will Friedle as Justin Jaxrod
  • Missi Pyle as Aunt Sara Morianis
  • David Carradine as Robert Wexford
  • Alyssa Milano as Katie Wexford


Julia Kellan - Impaled through chin with bent sickle

Patrick Simon - Stabbed in eye with pickaxe

Casper Clarkson - Decapitated with scythe

Justin Jaxrod - Face sliced off with lawnmower blade

Jordi Avonery - Impaled through throat with spear

Phillip Winchox - Dismemberd with axe

Reece Spoon - Throat slashed with machete

Robert Wexford - Burned alive

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