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Name Picture Description
  • Pigs spawn on grass/dirt, in sunlight or by artificial light (if the light is bright enough.).
  • They only drop 0-2 pork, which can be eaten raw to regain 1.5 hunger. Cooking the pork with the aid of a Furnace will raise its hunger regeneration to 4 hearts.
  • An item called a saddle found in a Dungeon can be mounted on a pig, however the pig cannot be controlled. Also, you will not retrieve the saddle on (the pig's) death.
  • Cows spawn in herds on grass, in amounts of 4-5.
  • They drop 0-2 Leather, which can be used to make tier 1 armor.
  • They drop 0-3 Beef which can be eaten to restore hunger. The beef will restore 4 units of the hunger meter cooked and only 2 uncooked.
  • They are the largest passive mob in the game.
  • Using buckets on them gives you milk



  • They spawn on grass/dirt in sunlight or well lit areas.
  • You can't hit the sheep to get 1-3 wools anymore, you have to use shears.
  • They drop one wool upon death.
  • Sheep can be found in 5 different natural colors: White, light gray, gray, black, and brown.
  • The sheep is the only mob to have a seperate body and armor file (due to the sheep's "sheared" effect).
Chicken [3]
  • Chickens seem to spawn in couples of 1-3 normally, same as the rest of the passive mobs they spawn on grass/dirt in well lit areas.
  • Chickens will lay eggs every 4-5 minutes.
  • They drop 1-2 feathers.
  • They drop 1 chicken when killed which is used for food. Will restore 4 units of the hunger meter cooked and only 2 uncooked.
  • Chickens are able to fly so they can't get hurt when they fall.
  • Chickens are the smallest mob in Minecraft, being only 85% tall as a block.
Zombie Pigmen blare [4]
  • Spawn in groups of 4-7 on Netherrack.
  • Passive - when they are attacked, though, the entire pack will swarm towards the player with deadly speed and accuracy.
  • Wield Gold Swords and are the only mob to have a melee weapon.
  • When struck by lightning, pigs turn into zombie pigmen.
  • If it is hit by a fireball from a Ghast, it will not target the player, but attack the Ghast. This is a great way of getting Cooked Porkchops.
Squid [5]
  • The only water mob
  • Does not despawn
  • Drops ink sacs, used for black wool

[6][7]Hostile WolvesAdded by KittyToothpaste[8]Tamed WolfAdded by KittyToothpaste

Wolves are a new mob in Minecraft Beta. They are the only mob as of current that you can tame and use as a friend to help you. It is neutral, which means that if you attack an un-tamed wolf, its eyes will turn red and it will try to kill you. It is advised to tame wolves other than kill them, as wolves drop nothing and if one wolf is attacked, the entire pack will probably become hostile. They usually spawn in taiga/forest biomes and can be tamed with a random ammount of bones (obtained from skeletons). The wolf will either become tame or remain neutral. If it is tamed, hearts will appear above the wolf and it will receive a a red collar. Wolves are very loyal, which in the end isn't always a good thing, because they attack mobs to help you or to protect you, and don't always win. To make a tamed wolf 'sit', right click it. It will stay unless attacked or unless it begins to drown.

Enemy MobsEdit

Name Picture Description
Zombie [9]
  • Zombies are the slowest mob in the game, and can be easily outrun.
  • They drop 0-3 rotten flesh when killed which will restore the hunger meter by 2 units, can occasionally turn the meter green (sickness, which has no character effect as of yet)
  • Zombies will spontaneously combust in sunlight
Skeleton [10]
  • Skeletons are currently the only mob with projectiles, other than Ghasts.
  • Skeletons can fire arrows at you at point blank.
  • They drop 0-2 Arrows.
  • they can also drop 0-2 bones.
  • Skeletons will spontanoeously combust in sunlight.
Spider [11]
  • The fastest mob in the game. Spiders can only be outrun by sprinting.
  • They move slower when they can't see the player.
  • The best way to take on a spider is in a hole that is less than 2 by 2 in diameter for the fact they take up 2 spaces (unlikely for the spider to align), and up on a ledge, even though they can jump far, they can't jump high,
  • They drop 0-2 string.
  • Spiders turn neutral in sunlight.
  • If they are facing you in very dark areas they can be easy to see, as they have glowing red eyes in dark areas or at night, when hostile to the player.
  • Spiders, like real arachnids,can climb walls as of a beta update but can't climb sand or sandstone.
  • Spiders are the only mob to have a glowmap for their eyes.
Creepers [12]
  • Creepers will detonate when they get to within 1 blocks distance of the player with a blast radius of 5 blocks.SSSSSSssssss BOOOooooom!
  • The detonation is on a 1.5 second fuse and will stop if the player walks out of it's radius
  • The Creeper can be killed if you attack it, then run out of the radius, then back in etc.
  • Creepers drop 0-2 Gunpowder.
  • They move silently so they can only be detected when in clear sight (Hence the name Creeper).
  • They don't die in sunlight.
  • They also drop a record if a Skeleton kills the Creeper. You will not recieve a record or sulphur if the creeper dies by explosion.
Slime [13]
  • (Former) Spawns only in caves. Very Rare.
  • Comes in four sizes. Small, Medium, Big and Really Big. Only Medium+ can deal damage
  • They drop 0-2 slime balls.
  • they don't despawn if the difficulty is set to peaceful.
Ghast [14]

  • Shoots fireballs at the camera.
  • Drops Sulfur on death.
  • If you enter third person mode (Pressing F5) the Ghast will still aim at the camera, highly often missing the player.
  • Cobblestone or stronger is impervious to the fireball explosion.
  • They can fly down into the lava, and actually die from going under the lava, catching on fire, and burning to death (but they are regularly immune to fire for a period of time after spawning.)
  • If a fireball hits a zombie-pigman, the zombie-pigman will not become hostile to the player but will try to atack the ` ghast, which can help if you need cooked pork.
  • One of the only mobs in the Nether, apart from the Zombie Pigman.
  • If there is nothing around your portal that is not in the Nether, Ghasts can spawn by your portal, making this the only Nether mob so far that can do this.
  • The ghast looks like a giant ghost, which makes the fact it can burn and die from lava or arrows ironic.
  • Ghasts can shut down and reopen your portal - which makes them very dangerous, as then you cannot get out of the Nether for some time.
Spider Jockey [15]
  • Very rarely, spiders will spawn with a skeleton riding on its back
  • Treated as two mobs moving as one
  • Very dangerous, because of the combination of the spider's speed and skeleton's ranged attack
  • New Enderman mob:
    • They take damage from water.
    • They emit purple smoke particles the same as or very similar to portal particles.
    • They drop Ender Pearls.
    • They open their mouth when hostile/looked at.
    • They burn in sunlight.
  • New Silverfish mob:
    • Will spawn from rarely generated blocks, that look identical to stone, or stone bricks.
  • New Cave Spider mob:
    • They spawn in Abandoned Mine Shafts.
    • Their attacks are venomous, and turn the player's health yellow-green upon being poisoned (will not kill them, but will may lose 4 health bars. If they are below 4 health bars, then it will bring them down to [16]). They cannot poison players on Easy difficulty.
    • Have a unique mob spawner.
    • They are smaller than regular spiders.
    • They are also a blue.

list of block

TNT block,poor barricade, rocks and other harder blocks Air, still Water, and still Lava, which air cannot be built, various types of Wood, various colors of Wool, various types of Pressure Plates, Slabs,C4 block,ground,wires,swichtes, Stairs and Double Slabs.

  • Stone Brick
  • Stone Brick Slabs
  • Stone Brick Stairs
  • Brick Slabs and Brick Stairs
  • Fence Gates
  • Glass Panes
  • Iron Bars
  • Melons


minecraft universe classic,modern & futurefic


walk foward:???????????

walk left:??????????????

Walk right:?????????????

Walk backwards:???????




Choose a block:???????



toggle fog:????????????



save location:?????????

Load location:?????????

delete location:????????

Gender swap:??????????

Generate a new level:??

Press Pause:???????????









Grab & throw:????????????


Speed change the walk:???

crate a new mod:??????????







Gun shot:?????????????????????




Age Changeing:??????????????????

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