Minecraft Guy
Minecraft Guy
Universe Minecraft
Appears in Minecraft
Debut Minecraft
Availability Rejected

Minecraft Guy is the guy controlled in the free-roam game; "Minecraft". He has a box-shaped head, tan skin, Blue shirt, Blue jeans and Brown hair. He has no official name, except the one that is given when a account is created for Minecraft.

Why it is Rejected

The creators of EVE called up Natch and asked for the guy in Minecraft, and they didn't turn down. So, they creators got permission to use him and created him and put him in the game, and it wasn't right. They kept remaking him to the preferences of a normal EVE fighter, but it just couldn't be done. That and the fact that it's graphics didn't fit with the restof the other characters. Many Minecraft fans complained about this and said they wouldn't buy the game if the Minecraft Guy wasn't featured in it.

The devs said; "Ok, Ok, let's not get too hasty here. We will release him for download in the PSN and Xbox Live and Wii Shop. But, I warned you, it is very glitchy and slow." 2 weeks later, Real Games declined that statement since another test was taken place 2 days after the devs gave the speech. When Minecraft Guy was downloaded and used to play in EVE, all 3 consoles just shorted out.

Rejected Story

One day, Minecraft Guy was mining in the caves for rocks,

Then, a portal opened near the mine,

Minecraft Guy thought it was a portal to Minecraft 1.8,

So, He went in, and saw what was there,

And, he said to himself to that very day;

"Why did I have to go through that Portal?"

And then, he learned his name: Steve.

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