While not as large as Venators these battlecruisers still hit hard.

Minotaur class battlecruisers while not as big or strong as the Venator Star Destroyers are still massive formidable ships than act as escort ships in the Autobot Fleet. These units are armed with powerful lasers and missile pods that can take on many enemies and ensure safety for all Autobot ships. These ships mostly take the role of Surgical strike ships. While the Venator Star Destroyer do space battles the battlecruiser takes the role of helping ground forces. They can Also teleport Mammoth Tanks to their destination and Launch Vikings from their hanger bays.


Compared to the battlecruiser in starcraft the Battlecruiser in the TV series serves as escort ships and surgical strike ships and also no yamato cannons but it can engage multiple targets while in SCII they can do laser barrages only on one target.

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