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Mission to Mon Calamari
Conflict: Great Jedi Purge
Objective: Search for the Jedi master Monar Damic on Mon Calamari and exterminate him
Date: 2 BBY
Place: Dac
Outcome: Death of Monar Damic

Dark Side Adept

Mon Calamari

Involved persons



  • Monar Damic
  • Nearly all Mon Calamari knights

The Mission to Mon Calamari was Starkiller's next mission after he killed Kazdan Paratus on Raxus Prime.

Returning from Raxus Prime

After Starkiller's assassination on Raxus Prime, he returned to the under constructing Executor, and was given a new task by his master, Darth Vader. This new task was to hunt down another surviving Jedi named Monar Damic on the planet, Dac. Starkiller then left to go to Mon Calamari.

The Mission

During his flight, Starkiller changed from his training gear to an Imperial swim suit that Juno Eclipse made just for him. When Starkiller arrived on Dac, he dived into the ocean and swam for minutes until he spotted Mon Calamari knights. They charged foward to attack, but Starkiller quickly slauthered them all. He kept on killing every Mon Calamari knight in his way until he found Monar Damic. The two dueled on an edge of a cliff. Some Mon Calamari tried to help the Jedi master, but Starkiller was too quick and tricky for them. Knowing that he will be killed, Monar told Starkiller that he and his master will not take over the galaxy and the Jedi will be reborn. Starkiller did not hesitate, beheaded Monar, and sent the headless Jedi into the ocean.

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