Mist is a 2008 Adventure Drama Fantasy Operatic Action film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki marking his first non animated film.

The film chronicles a beautiful woman entrapped in an unseen location which is completely shrouded in darkness with the exception of clearly visible and phenomenal things appearing.

The film stars Ziyi Zhang, Jack Nicholson, Edison Chen, Geoffrey Rush, Sandra Oh and Yuria Nara.


The film begins with a woman Toko Rachimoto (Sandra Oh) in entrapped in a strange outstrecthing inside location which is completely pitch black with the exception of mirrors.

A single candle which serves as the only light in the enclosed dark location fades and out and the scene continues onto a woman with short black hair Yoko (Ziyi Zhang) who we soon see after entering an abandoned Tokyo Mansion for sale be entrapped in the same dark realm as the beginning girl Toko.

However her realm offers much more things including ghosts, strange objects, an evil poltergeist, a mysterious lothario (Jack Nicholson) and an even more mysterious stranger (Geoffrey Rush).

As Yoko remains trapped in this dark realm the authorities and her fiance (Edison Chen) search endlessly for her until they come across the mansion and find themselves unable to access it.

It is revealed that the beginning victim was Yoko's best friend left side neighbour whilest living on a suburban street on Tokyo.

We are then introduced to a little girl (Yuria Nara) who keeps trying to Yoko to one thing that is not another.

It is revealed that the little girl was Yoko's right side neighbour who mysteriously vanished after the Rachimoto family and Yoko's family moved out.

The connection is that the mysterious man who isn't the lothario was a former boyfriend of Yoko's who became obsessed with her and has his heart broken her.

It is further revealed that he then dated her best friend neighbour Toko and was enraged about the degrading stuff Yoko would tell the little girl Maria whilest babysitting her.

For the spurned man is actually the Harbinger of Death and has entrapped and killed the little girl Maria and Toko in the darkest realm of purgatory.

He plans to drag out the same fate for Yoko in a much more mean fashion for she was the one he was truly in love with and she broke his heart.

In the end Yoko finds what Maria was trying to guide her to the thing that is one thing but not another the largest mirror in the dark realm which instead of offering the reflection of her meeting her fate contains the reflection of the spurned former lover meeting his fate.

Yoko tricks the man into pursuing into the chamber containing the mirror and makes him gaze upon his fate in the mirror before smashing it casting him off to where he's sent Toko and Maria.

Yoko is then released from the realm and is helped out by the outside patrolling authorities and her fiance.


  • Ziyi Zhang as Yoko Ryobashi
  • Edison Chen as Lance Mugashi
  • Jack Nicholson as Lance Greeting The Lothario/ A Former boyfriend of Yoko's of whom she was partly madly in love with but he wasn't delivering back the same affection
  • Geoffrey Rush as Winston The Harbinger Of Death/ The Even More Mysterious Man
  • Sandra Oh as Toko Rachimoto
  • Yuria Nara as Maria Ishibashi

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