Sally Acorn, a notable Mobian political figure




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  • anthropomorphic
  • intelligent
  • diplomatic
  • environmentally conscious
Average lifespan

80-150 years


various subspecies

Famous members

Sonic the Hedgehog, Sally Alicia Acorn, Miles Prower, various more

An anthropomorphic race of animals hailing from an alternate universe, Mobians reside on a planet named after a famed Human scientist, Dr. Matthew Gregory Mobius in his honor. Mobians range from multiple species, each one of them the descendant of an Uplifted creature from Colony Ships in late 2300.


Mobians themselves are descendants from animals housed on colony vessels launched after Mobius debuted his Warpgate in 2291. The entire operation was secret. The gate was constructed over the dark side of the moon and made of material made to hold in whatever heat emissions were made by the gate. After three years of construction and ordering thousands of parts from suppliers all over the solar system, the gate was ready for operation. Covertly, a million colonists were selected and placed aboard massive colony ships. The ships were explained to the public to be new military craft on a trial run. Each ship held a hundred thousand colonists and they progressed through the gate at once.

Unfortunately, there was a mistake in the jump. Due to outside interference (which we now know to be a Sol Emerald, the ships were transported across dimensions to an alternate universe. In this place, Earth was around, but there were no Humans alive on the surface. Burned out husks of Human settlements remained, but no life signs were seen anywhere. The colony ships were instructed to remain in high orbit while an investigation of the surface was planned. Before this could be carried out, a blast of cosmic radiation hit the fleet. It was assumed that the radiation was the remnant of whatever attack destroyed the Human populace.

While nearly all of the crew and colonists survived the encounter, some form of genetic disaster occurred.
Wired UK - NDNAD Infographic

The Genetic material of the colonist was scattered

DNA of the colonist was scrambled, some with other colonists, but some of them with animals intended to populate new worlds and fundamental genetic material intended for cloning. Within weeks of the encounter, colonists complained of increased hair follicle production, enhanced abilities, and migraines. Surprisingly, not a lot of problems.

However, the animal specimens showed something much more shocking. Genetic material had been transferred fast enough to be accepted by the animals. Within weeks of the encounter, the specimens appeared to show rudimentary sentience; the ability to make complex decisions and think about a situation was made apparent. Within months, the animals began to show signs of increased evolution. Within a month of the encounter, the animals began to develop a stature that was familiar with Human beings. Within three months, a speech pattern began to become clear. Within five months, The animal features began to deteriorate, replaced with more Human-like traits such as circular irises and pupils, hair follicles mixed with fur follicles, a decrease in the amount of breasts, skeletal reconstruction seen in later generations, and Human-like genitalia structure.

This new-found sapience fueled debate among the colonists about revised ethics and the reconsideration of the term "Human Rights". Among the religious, it sparked outrage of being "unnatural". Within a year of the Ascension, Anthros were considered members of society, but they were generally less socially functional because of developing vocal and physical skills.

After three years, they were fully functioning members of society, able to relate to the colonists much quicker than any other culture in history. The planet was still known as 'Colony Alpha' to the crew so the animals were not known as Mobians yet. After Matthew's death in 3309, the planet was named Mobius in his honor and all living on its surface were known as Mobians.

Human Population Decrease

Around 2800, Human population dwindled at a huge amount. Hundreds of thousands were dying every year. According to a planet-wide census in 2813, the projected Human population was less than 75,000. It is unknown what caused the decline in population in the first place. Some speculate that it was a disease that only Humans could catch, some believe it was genetically
Arcadia Colonized

Three colony ships, The "Enterprise" (center), the "Magnolia" (right), and the "Mayflower" (left)

engineered by Anti-Human extremists to cleanse the planet of those "impure", or a cancer of sorts. In 2820, a group of Human scientists departed major population centers to find a cure for the decline. It is unknown if they ever succeeded as no mention was ever noted of their studies, not even notes to indicate a lead were discovered. Without any reply, Mobian Anthros declared the Humans 'extinct' and they grudgingly accepted the role as leaders.

Despite the stereotypes, Anthros were quite fond of Humans on the planet as they were seen as teachers and educators. As the amount of Humans declined, so did the knowledge of Earth. Soon, the planet was stuff of legend, the inhabitants distant and alien. All thought of meeting alien life died with the last known Human and the Mobians slunk into something of a Dark Age of sorts lasting nearly two hundred years. Although they had some level of technology like vehicles and computers, all knowledge of their origins disappeared to all but a handful.

The thought of Humans returning to share their knowledge had turned into religious stigma during the Dark Age. The Church of the Ancients was established in hopes that a Human would return. In 3234, they finally got their wish.


In 3234, a Human warship named the Indomitable accidently mis-jumped to Mobius and unwittingly rediscovered the race. To some faithful to the Church, it was a matter of celebration. To others, tension and suspicion grew as they had become comfortable living without Human interference. At this time, Mobians had entered into a Renaissance where new technology was developed such as the as the development of Space Travel in 3201 where a Mobian warship was constructed to travel around the system, using an Alcubierre drive to function (this was not the first instance. A space vehicle powered by an Alcubierre drive was launched in 2310)
B5 jumpgate1

The Mobius warpgate, which leads to Earth. It is verry different in cosmetic design.

The Indomitable housed thousands of Navy and Marine personnel which integrated into the society while Chaos Emeralds were recovered to ensure a safe passage home. When the ship returned to Earth along with Princess Sally Alicia Acorn to announce their existence to Humanity, their place in the galaxy was secured. Along with their inclusion within the United Nations, the Mobians finally had widespread colony hopes as UN funding could create opportunities for the Mobians to seed the stars.

Mobians were not cleanly received with Earth. Some people formed hate groups that focused on discriminating Mobians. Some assailants attacked, raped, and/or killed any Mobian they saw. In recent years, the hate has dropped sharply, partly from increased standings in society, and partly very tense diplomacy on the part of King Max Acorn. Mobians can be seen with value positions and high military ranks.

Military Force

Because of their isolation, the Mobians do not have as many weapons as their UNSC counterparts, or the strategy as they have mostly been land-locked. With the appearance of the UNSC, an act was passed with the Security Council that both the UNSCDF and the Mobian Royal Armed Forces (M.A.F.) could swap forces. UNSC personnel were sent to Mobian forces for training and combat, and the Mobians were sent to the UNSC for both educational purposes and as combat personnel. Their union of defense forces is the first of its kind where military forces are mutually shared by both parties.

On the subject of space fleets, the UNSC is tops for ship supplies as Mobian vessels were not designed for long range operations, but their craft do preform better in atmosphere than Human ships do. In addition to this, The UNSC has also supplied the Mobians with Orbital Defense Platforms in High Orbit
Cairo Mac firing

The MAC Station "Mercia"

to protect them from extraterrestrial threats. Originally, the thought seemed a little farfetched but due to surviving accounts from the Genocide preserved in time capsules, the order was made to protect Mobians should the aliens that destroyed Humanity return to finish the job. There are 34 MAC stations in orbit, each one covering an important part of the planet.


The Mobians mentioned here are NOT those included in the Archie series of comics, but rather an alternate universe version of them, as it is actually mentioned in Archie Canon that Mobius Prime (the planet seen in the comics) has multiple analogues, which fits in perfectly with the UNSC/MOBIUS story-line.

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