{{Infobox |Box title = The ME Channel |Image file = ... |Image size = 220px |Row 1 title = Country |Row 1 info = Canada , North America, Japan and Russia |Row 2 title = Character Advertisment People |Row 2 info = Cassidy, Janet and Adam |Row 3 title = Proceds |Row 3 info = None Yet! |Row 4 title = Founder |Row 4 info = pohlranda |Row 5 title = Channles |Row 5 info = Fox(NA), CanadianTv(CDA), Jetix(J) and Rollet Spin TV(R) |Row 6 title = Winner |Row 6 info = None Yet |Row 7 title = Runner Ups |Row 7 info = None Yet |Row 8 title = Slogan |Row 8 info = Want Money, Want Etiquet? MoneyAcademy 4 U!, Money..CHallenges..Love and Etiquet..MONEY ACADEMY!, Charrolate needs Money and Ozzy Osborn needs etiquet but these guys need both;p. |Row 9 title = Lauch date |Row 9 info = September 7Th, 2011 |Row 10 title = End Date |Row 10 info = N/A |}

Money AcademyIs a show which real people found in the world compete in a competition to win a Grande but also win etiqet and some Athletic help. This is only season one and the first ever season of this series.

This list will be made down here: CONTESTANTS:


Name Age Eliminated Where there from
Cassidy 20 N/A Arizona
Adam 33 N/A Texas
Janet 19 N/A Florida
Zoe 22 N/A Hollywood/South Beach
Robert 21 N/A Pheonix, Arizona
Larissa 27 N/A Florida
Bobby 33 N/A Pom Springs
Antonio 21 N/A Mexico
Goldie 34 N/A Japan
Marissa 21 N/A Arizona
Austin 17 N/A Arizona
Jared 48 N/A Washigton, Roy
Omar 20 N/A Mexico

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