Monstro is an enormous whale and the primary villain of The Legend of Cholena. He later reappeared as a recurring villain in Thorn Valley Chronicles.

  • Character Information

  • Other Names - Monstro The Whale

  • Personality - A Sheer Force of Nature. Powerful. All Consuming and Invincible

  • Goal - To eat anything and everything in sight

  • Home - Sea

  • Friends - Ratigan. Fidget. The Seagulls. Chernabog. Maleficent. Warren T. Rat. Disney Villains

  • Enemies - Cholena. Jiminy Cricket. Nicodemus. Mrs. Brisby. Jeremy the Crow. Justin. Genie. Abu. Iago. Winnie the Pooh. Tigger. Rita the Fox. The Blue Fairy

  • Likes - Chasing and Devouring Prey

  • Dislikes - Prey that escapes

  • Powers and Abilities - Brute Strength

  • Fate - Decides to finish off Cholena and Nicodemus. But He strikes in a giant rock (Legend of Cholena) Unknown (Thorn Valley Chronicles)

  • Quote - ROAR!

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